The Feral Catz

The Feral Catz


The Feral Catz play mostly original material, with a few covers. Our sound is tight and bluesy, with hints of singer-songwriter, classic rock, and jam band. We lay down a groove that will get you smiling and get your toes tapping. You might even leave wondering where you heard us before.


With over 100 years of combined music experience between them, the Feral Catz reflect influences from almost every genre of popular music. Their sound is fresh and innovative, while at the same time familiar and involving. When listening to the Catz, one can hear classic singer-songwriter material infused with the blues, western swing, classic rock, jam band, southern rock and R&B sensitivities. Shifting effortlessly between blues, rock, jam type grooves and folk rock tunes, the original Catz material basically defies categorization, other than, say, feral. (Almost rhymes with virile.)

Then again, what would one expect from a band who resides in the oft frozen and otherwise beautiful heartland city of Milwaukee, WI ? Singing about things that touch every day life, there is a Feral Catz song that almost everyone can relate to.

Seeing the Catz live is a special treat. Their chemistry on stage is electric. They are not a slick Vegas style show band, but rather regular folks, playing honest music, without pretense. They are the kind of guys you would like to have a beer or a cup of coffee with.

While seeing the Catz live may not change your life forever, it will put a tap in your toe and a smile on your face. Catch ‘em while you can!


Slow to Develop, 2008, Recorded by Scott Finch at Velvet Sky Studio, Milwaukee WI, 414.264.8914

Additional cuts on the Feral Catz Myspace page, live performances at

Set List

Set 1

See My Baby
No Flippin' Money
Hit the Road Jack
Short Skirts
Song Writer
Love Showed Us the Way
Your In My Heart (Piano)

Set 2

You Should Have Called Me
Haven't Got The Time
Big Black Crow
Love Is Real
South Side
Love You Forever
Since My Baby Left Me
Natural Born Frontman
Clock of Life
Out The Door

Set 3

Change My Ways
Good Day to Die
Along the River
Hit the Road Jack