The Fervour

The Fervour


The Fervour is an shoegaze/folk/post punk band from Southern Pennsylvania. With their powerful songwriting and heart-wrenching live performances, the band creates an experimental "wall of sound", while keeping coherent enough to enjoy the song as a SONG, with their thought evoking lyrics on top.


Founding members Josh Kirwin and S.R. Frost met as children and have been playing in various recording outfits for several years. However, the two honed their ambitions for uncompromised musical pursuit and intelligent songwriting to form The Fervour in 2007. In 2008, Frost and Kirwin were joined by Asher Johnson and brother Andrew Kirwin, finally taking them out of their slump as a simple duo. Now, the group has become a fruitful bed of creativity and is always open to new music styles to incorporate. Resenting the idea of modern 'loudness wars,' yet also rejecting the stale ideas of throwback groups, the boys have managed to merge a classic sensibility with an exciting and fresh experimental approach. Using music as a way to release and absorb energy, the band strives to convey a stirring message. They plan to go on tour in summer of 2008 following their first release, official LP "Turbulence". In preparation, they will be demoing their entire catalogue of material, embodying pop songwriting sensibilities with the sonic experimentation of alternative music styles like indie rock, new wave and shoegaze (also including hints of folk, punk, and fusion jazz) into their eclectic mix.


Select tracks "Abigail", "Ides of March", "Could this be Right?", "Methadone Girl", "Celebrity Suicide", "Absinthe", and "Amen" from the record have been played on college radio at Longwood University, LaSalle University, Temple University, Kings University, York College and others.

Set List

One set (usually)
Set spans from 30-100 minutes.

Songs included:
Celebrity Suicide
Could This Be Right?
Methadone Girl
Everyone You Know (Is Impossible)
Ides of March
Money Makes Her Cry
Limerick for the Blindsighted
Last Dollar Before Breadline
Leroy's Daddy