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The Fetals

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States | SELF
Band Metal Rock


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"Overplay News (The Alternater)"

With a sound they claim to be “incubated in the stench of New Jersey landfill,” The Fetals reanimate classic sounds of corruption with juicy results. Alternator by name, alternator by nature – the track bristles with a snarling Slipknot grind before flapping its claw-edged wings and taking to the sky with huge James Hetfield chorus. Like making angry love with a vulture. -

"Band Review by BlandStreetBloom"

Now, I like me a fair bit of hardcore, and I LOVE my metal, but more often than not, I steer clear of amalgamations of the two, as, to generalise, they quite frankly fall deep into the abyss of predictability and conventional writing and overproduction. The Fetals are a combination of hardcore and metal, and feature some rocky elements alongside. Fortunately, they generally mix these styles successfully, and avoid the aforementioned problems.

The first track on their myspace, “Inevitability (Man vs. Gravity)”, while featuring some nice, groovy riffs and decent drumming, doesn’t really do them any favours with me. Luckily, for me anyway, the rest of the tracks here display more a sense of melody as well as the groove from the first song. The guitar riffs in “Afflicted” are generally a lot stronger, in my eyes, than those presented in the previous track. Pretty harmonies pop up here and there, still failing to fall into the “conventions” of the vast majority of metal/hardcore bands. This is much the case throughout the rest of the tracks, thankfully.

The vocals don’t detract from the overall value of the music, I feel, and the use of raw clean vocals rather sparingly to enhance what is already there is only a bonus, instead of merely plastering them here or there because they can be.

As for highlights, the bridge section in "Afflicted" is a nice break from the melodic onslaught of the rest of the track, sounding a little Maiden-esque, yet still original enough to provide pleasure for the ears. This song as a whole is my favourite of those on the myspace player, mainly due to the catchy riffs throughout and harmonies in the right places.

As a whole, these guys obviously have love for the music they’re making, and this comes through in the music. I think the music would benefit, perhaps, from heightened variation of structure within the songs and more clean sections in songs like that in “Afflicted”, but not so much that they are overused.

"Range Recording Studios Newsletter (May 2009)"

Since opening our doors in 2004, Range Recording Studios has witnessed the development of many artists and bands. We have met various acts at the time when they were in their very early stages; including some that did not even have a full line-up as they began to demo material in the studio. One of the most exciting acts that we saw develop from its inception over the past two years is a Philadelphia-based metal band called The Fetals. What started out as a few friends playing, rehearsing and writing music, quickly turned into a band with a professional three-song demo in search of a vocalist. After a short period of auditions, the line-up was complete and the live shows soon followed. Flash-forward to now...the band is putting the finishing touches on its debut full-length album, titled Conceived To Destroy. The record will be available worldwide on iTunes by the end of the summer and at shows in their hometown of "Fetaldelphia" (as their fans call it) and other areas in the region. Already having had the opportunity to open for national-touring metal bands, the band frequently performs at The Khyber, The Trocadero Balcony, Crocodile Rock, The Nail and other venues.

With members originally from upstate New York and Philadelphia, The Fetals consists of Coscarelli (Vocals), Fetal Matty (Guitar), Unterberger (Guitar), Cocheese (Bass, Vocals) and J Fuk (Drums). Whereas the band draws from several different genres, one of the founding members Fetal Matty describes, "Sabbath birthed me, Slayer and Metallica raised me, Nirvana made me want to make music myself, Six Feet Under and Dying Fetus made me brutal, and throughout all that, Gwar has reminded me to have a good time." Even though there is one lead singer, everyone participates in the lyric-writing process. Drummer J Fuk, another founding member, explains, "Our subjects tend to change as much as the sound of our songs, but we try to stick to things that are important in our lives, whether it be social commentary, our relationship issues, the mosh pit, or our fight vs gravity."

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The Womb Demo (2008)
Conceived To Destroy (2009)

Our debut full length album Conceived To Destroy is available to stream in many places including and The album and all of its songs are available for download through iTunes, Amazon MP3, and Rhapsody. Currently most of the album is also available for listen through Pandora, and Jango.



Chapter 1

In the Fall of 2006 J Fuk and Fetal Matty decided it was time to once again create music. What was originally intended to be a small project to create an outlet for their musical desires quickly became a strive to create the perfect sound. By Spring of 2007, as the proper musical and recording equipment was accumulated, the foundation for the first few songs had been laid. Realizing they would be able to get more accomplished if they didn't have to do all the work involved to make sweet metal sounds on their own they talked their long time friend Cocheese into dusting off his bass and joining the cause.

Within a few months things started looking up as The Womb 1.0 was established. The Womb would be where The Fetals would create their headquarters as they planned their invasion of Fetaldelphia. That is when lead guitarist Unterberger came on the scene. Fetal Matty and Unterberger would then work to generate a dueling guitar sound that was then matched by Cocheese's intense bass maneuvering. J Fuk provided the foundation by manning the thundering roar of the Black Drums of Death. Months would then be spent grueling away at creating and then perfecting a sound so fetalicious that it could be professionally recorded and made available to the masses.

It was then in early 2008 The Fetals would enter Range Recording Studio and lay down all the music to the first three official songs. The Fetals then used those songs to go out and recruit their final member. They needed someone with true vocal ability. Someone that would be the perfect fit to this unique sound The Fetals were working on. That vocal ability would be provided and exceeded by the man named Coscarelli. It was finally time for a complete Fetals lineup to raid Range yet again to finalize their first three songs with vocals.

Now armed with The Womb Demo, it was only a matter of time before The Fetals began their assault upon Fetaldelphia. Months of planning, writing, playing, and practicing were spent to ensure everything was perfect. This preparation would culminate into enough music to properly play a full set of songs. Only then could The Fetals feel ready to launch their war on music.

Chapter 2

July 23rd, 2008 would be the chosen date for their first show. The location would be a small stage in a bar known as The Nail. There they would play their first full set of songs, and release their demo upon the masses. People cheered on in awe as The Fetals laid waste to The Nail. Ear drums were annihilated. Faces were melted.

Fueled by the success of their first show The Fetals began to strategically play more shows around the Fetaldelphia area. Venues like the Khyber and North Star Bar would be booked and subsequently brutalized. From there they headed out to the outskirts of Fetaldelphia and shredded venues like Crocodile Rock and Freddie's Tavern. Even New Jersey and Delaware weren't safe from the initial invasion. Show after show, The Fetals would see their plan come closer and closer to fruition.

That is when a vision came to them. It would be a vision to put together a show on the biggest of party nights, a show that would give back to all the fans that we had supported them in 2008. So, they invited six other bands to rock out with them. Then an all you can drink special was negotiated for the event. Ultimately The Nail would be wall to wall party all night...a night that will forever be known as New Year's Evil!

With 2009 upon them The Fetals would head into The Womb 3.0 to being final preparations for the next stage of their invasion. That next stage would be the production of their first official full length album. A return to Range Recording Studios would be in order. Let it be known that the next stage of the invasion is inevitable.

Chapter 3

The skies opened up and drenched Fetaldelphia in blood on the evening of September 18, 2009. The Fetals work was complete and they released it in full force on the stage of The Khyber Bar, deep within the heart of the city. It's name would be announced as Conceived To Destroy, a ten song collaboration bearing the brutality that is The Fetals debut album. None could have predicted the mayhem that would ensue.

Marching onward into 2010, The Fetals continued their assault upon the local area. Additional venues were stormed and subsequently ransacked by the ruthless sounds of The Fetals debut album being played on every stage they occupied. Meanwhile, in between shows they devised a plan to infect the masses virally and slowly corrupt those outside their reach to bolster the ranks of the Fetal Army. Their website would be in full swing, updated with loads of content to keep the masses well informed. From there social media, metal forums, and online radio were set ablaze with releases from Conceived To Destroy and chatter about their domination of Fetaldelphia.

A slow transition to a darker, more evil sound would start to be the theme as