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The Fiascos

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States

Tulsa, Oklahoma, United States
Band Rock


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"Working with The Fiascos"

The Fiascos are always willing to be bold. They've recorded a lot of tracks with me in the last few years and plan to record some new songs sometime this year. In the time we've spent together, I've gotten to know the guys and their music very well.
As an engineer and mixer, I've seen them overcome just about every "musical obstacle" that has come in their way: they've refined their tone, refined their songwriting skills, their musicianship, they've dealt with changing band members, and they are always looking for things to improve. I've seen them break out of the box and not be afraid to try weird effects or arrangements, and I've seen them strip fully written songs back to one chord progression and a vocal melody just so they could rewrite and make the song right for the album.
Literally every time we got to work together, they had gotten better than the time before.

-Kendal Osborne, Closet Studios Tulsa, OK
2/4/10 - The Closet Studios Review

"The Fiascos Concert"

Now, for the last band of the night. If you were at the show and left early, you missed The Fiascos! And I do mean you MISSED them. These guys are young and talented! When they took the stage you would not guess that they are from right here in Tulsa. They took the stage with the professionalism and style of a band with years of stage experience. The next thing you notice is the energy these guys send off of the stage to the audience. I was able to see the interaction between the band and audience, and it was good! The music was well written with great hooks and melody lines that will resonate in your head for a few days. Don't miss out on your opportunity to see The Fiascos at their next show. Go to their page, find where they will be and sell the dog if you have to, but get a ticket and see this band perform live. You won't regret it.
- Swinging Productions

"Name doesn't fit The Fiascos"

"The Fiascos" does not fit this band's name. A "fiasco" is defined as "a complete failure." But the band's refined songwriting and engaging showmanship stand far from this description.

Its unique interpretation of indie rock features a balance between simplicity and complexity. By incorporating elements that might be considered characteristic of an older band, The Fiascos achieve a full, well-rounded sound. The complexities come together in a cohesive fashion.

That considered, the band's music is smooth and mellow.

The Fiascos have a relatively long history on the Tulsa music scene for a high school band. The band's story began during a lunch-table conversation in seventh grade between singer/guitarist Jake Butts and drummer Ben Epperley. One day, on a whim, Jake brought up the idea of starting a band. Though they were just beginners to their instruments, Ben thought it was a great idea.

"I went over to his house and jammed," Jake said. "We just kinda jammed for a year, on and off. We didn't really call ourselves a band."

Their experiences in middle school led them to events such as an eighth-grade talent show, which Jake describes as "really bad." As time went on, Jake and Ben picked up guitarist Colin Tresch. A bassist was added for the short term in Jake and Ben's freshman year of high school.

"Freshman year was when we really started taking the band idea seriously," Jake said. "We started writing a lot and played some shows."

In November 2008, the Fiascos completed a foursome when Dylan Hatley became the band's permanent bassist. Since then, the band has played at numerous venues and events throughout Tulsa. The members' experience makes the band a promising contender in this year's battle, but the music is what makes the Fiascos stand out.

Though the group features the instrumentation of the standard high school rock band of vocals, guitar, bass and drums, their sound transcends the realm of the ordinary. The group is not afraid to experiment with different instruments and techniques.

The vocals in particular stand out. Frontman Jake Butts radiates maturity and control, incorporating creative, artistic nuances into his performance whenever possible.

Jake's lyrics are intriguing, filled with a genuine emotion uncharacteristic of such a young writer.

The lyrics have the strange effect of troubling the mind because they're filled with such profound, intense ideas. At the same time, though, the simple melodies are calming and easy.

Guitar and bass orchestration is intelligent, yet creative, and reaches the level of innovation expected from the Fiascos. In live performances, Colin is known to lay down guitar solos that could be described as "face-melting."

The drums also reach outside the box of expectation, using sleigh bells, cowbells and everything between. As a well-rounded jazz band drummer, Ben incorporates a diverse range of rhythmic influence, with rock and Latin vibes taking center stage.

All in all, what makes the Fiascos so likable can only be identified as "catchiness." Each track makes the listener bite onto its hook.

As for the future, the Fiascos have set their goals high.

"As a band, we're growing really, really fast," Jake commented. "We've put out an EP already, and we plan on releasing a full-length album this summer. We're hoping to start playing some shows in the regional area, going out-of-state here and there."

The band clearly earned its spot in the battle this year. The members say a lot of preparation is going into making the performance count.

"We plan on playing some new songs that no one's heard yet," Jake said. "We've got some great ideas for some original stuff that we don't think the other bands would have."

By AUSTIN BOARDMAN Satellite Correspondent
3/10/09 - Tulsa World Satellite


The Fiascos Discography -

"Thieving Notions EP" 2008 - 5 tracks

"NLG" 2009 - Single

"Rationale" 2010 - Debut full length album - 11 tracks



“Your sense of rationality never seemed so irrational!” Jake Butts of The Fiascos sings this line from their newest song, “Dichotomy”, catching the attention of the audience with an almost sing-a-long melody over a driving rhythm section.

The coalescence of The Fiascos is, well, a dichotomy. Smooth vocals, melodic lead, and acoustic guitars layered over commanding bass lines with driving, intricate drums make the meat of this band’s sound. The Fiascos have tapped into a tone that speaks to people of all musical “scenes,” from screamo to folk. This isn’t to say the band doesn’t have their own unique sound, because they surely do.

Think alt/indie rock like Third Eye Blind mixed with Dave Matthews and Foo Fighters. The Fiascos delve into dynamic sets taking you from up tempo tunes like "Dichotomy" to the jam-out Latin tones of "Two Things". Acoustic renditions of their original tunes have been known to appear at live performances.

Dynamic and a commander of their own style, The Fiascos have helped to define what indie rock can be in their local scene.

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