It's rock and roll music. With no drums. By one man.


Field is Spencer Berger. Spencer began performing at the age of 9 as a member of the Metropolitan Opera's Children's Chorus, where he sang with Luciano Pavarotti and Placido Domingo. After losing his shoe in his very first mosh-pit at the age of 16, Spencer decided to take up guitar. He went on to front an assortment of NYC-based rock bands, performing regularly at CBGB's and a bevy of other extremely dirty clubs.

Over the last two years, unbeknownst to his friends, Spencer has been recording an album in his bedroom. In May of 2009, he finally posted a few songs on MySpace. Through a bizarre twist of fate, the underground British radio station Recharged Radio discovered the tunes, and hailed them as "genius." Over the last few months, the tracks spread through the underground British scene, earning Field a tiny (but rabid) legion of British fans, 6000 miles away from Spencer's current home-base of Los Angeles. As he finally nears completion on his first album ("Be Brave"), Spencer is immersed in the process of putting together a band in order to bring it to life on stage.


Be Brave (release November 2009)


Be Brave
I'm The Enforcer
If Your Girl Sings Loud
Saturday Soldier
The Beat of the Box
New York Sky
All Your Days
Oh, My Desperate Soul
Girls Will Love Your Lips
Beautiful Things
The Owl
One Time Never Hurts

Radio airplay for music off of "Be Brave":

"Sunday" honored as Track of the Week on Recharged Radio (

"I'm The Enforcer" honored as Track of the Week on Recharged Radio

Field honored as Music Artist of the Week on Flame Radio

"Saturday Soldier" picked as The Justin Wayne Show's Exclusive Track of the Week

Set List

A typical set would be 30-45 minutes, and would include anywhere from 9-14 songs off of the album "Be Brave."