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The Fifth

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States

Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States
Band Rock Metal


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"On the verge of a huge release"

“If the first two cuts are any indication, The Fifth is a band you will not be able to ignore... If you still haven’t heard of them your about to…their high-octane shows have single handedly brought the live show back to Fayetteville, and their new CD promises to widen that community”
Doug Clark:
Sampson County Independent
- Sampson County Independent

"Big rock & roll"

Feelin' this from the onset. Vocals are tight and delivered with feeling and confidence. Nice range too. Music is equal to the task with a melody that hooks immediately. Guitar work is awesome. Sounds like a band that's been around a bit and has discovered the formula that is right for them. No posers here boys and girls, this is the real deal. Props
DJ Rawx - Artistfirst Radio Network

"The Fifth pleases fans and silences critics with much-awaited CD"

“The Fifth pleases fans and silences critics with much awaited CD… From the artwork to the T-shirts, every facet of Plead was tested and challenged... and unanimously approved by the band. "We were brutal with each other," said D.C. Garcia, lead guitarist. "If something I was playing wasn't working or something Rob was doing wasn't working, then we let each other know. You have to be constructive in your criticism or else you'll have a weak product. This CD is something that we're all proud of. Their music is able to reach audiences from 16 to 40 - hitting both sides of the spectrum, touching music lovers from the beginning of the video generation to the age of the Internet... Twice voted as the Best Local Band in Up & Coming Weekly's Best Of Fayetteville, The Fifth know their fan support is tremendous...With an acknowledgment of their big 80's roots and a finely tuned sound that is firmly planted in the present, The Fifth are set to plead their case to fans in Fayetteville and beyond.”
Brian Dukes:
Up & Coming Magazine
- Up & Coming Magazine

"Cover Bands Should Show Their Originality"

“Last Saturday it was my esteemed pleasure to see The Fifth, what a show…I arrived at Jester's at about 10:00 p.m. Already there was a quite a crowd. You have to love that, walk in the door and BAM, instant party. And that is exactly what the rest of the night was, a party. These guys really put on one helluva show…lead singer, Roy Cathey…gets the job done. He keeps people entertained with a little on stage banter and such. Oh yeah, this guy can sing as well. Whether it is Incubus, Stone Temple Pilots, or a Fifth original, Roy never misses… Covers are what attract a crowd and covers are what keep people there. The point is that it is the covers that make fans. Which is a shame, because the Fifth has great original music. You should really get out and see these guys.”
Wes Cornett
Up & Coming Magazine
- Up & Coming Magazine

"10 Tales"

I just got "Confessions Of Man" the latest album from the Fayetteville 4some known as THE FIFTH. Let me tell you this cd is 10 tales of love and hate, life and death, lust, loss and hope. There is something for everyone on this disc. This album is as real as it gets.
- Rock Review

"This a great listen from the word go!"

"Plead" is full of great performances and intelligent songwriting Fayetteville, N.C.'s The Fifth are a tough band to tag a comparison on. First of all, I must say that singer Roy Cathey, who enjoyed some early 90's success in the LA band COLD SWEAT, is in possession of a righteous set of pipes. His voice gives The Fifth their defining edge and make it a hard cry from the everyday same old, same old. I'd like to say I had a band to compare them to just to have a starting point, but I don't. If you love good, heavy Hard Rock that has radio sensibility then you'll love every song on "Plead". Track #6, "Space I'm In" is my favorite. The production is good, but the snare drum tends to get a bit muddy for my tastes, however it still rivals anything being put out by the major labels. Guitar riffs that plow a path so big you could land a jet on them and a huge rhythm section with cannon-sized balls make this a great listen from the word "Go"! "Plead" is full of great performances and intelligent songwriting and should help the band gain label recognition as well as new fans. Head over to for your copy or catch them live in the southeast to purchase one at a show. Recommended!
Bam-Bam’s Top Ten -

"Catchy hook-orientated rock"

The Fifth and Jackyl at Pancho's were two awesome bands. Pancho's was made for national acts like this with a large stage, huge floor space and numerous bars and restrooms. The lighting and sound system is top notch and made both bands look like they were playing a huge outdoor amphitheatre or coliseum. They sounded even better.

The Fifth are from Fayetteville, N.C., but you couldn't tell it was an out of town band by the number of "Fifth Faithful" who are local or made the trek up from Carolina. They hit the stage with an energy level unmatched by many national acts. They rocked the crowd with their original and catchy hook-orientated rock music and the crowd sang along.

The lead singer, Roy Cathey, has that charisma all front men need, but he takes it to a new level with his crowd interaction and nonstop stage show. You can tell these guys not only love the music, they live it. With every drum beat, guitar squeal and bass thump, you could feel the emotion slap you in the face. It was easy to understand the crowd loyalty, the sea of Fifth t-shirts and CD sales. These guys are regional now, but it won't surprise me if they go much, much farther....

My hat is off to The Fifth, Jackyl and Crystal Promotions for this memorable night of music and mayhem.

-- Sean Mullins

- Richmond Music Journal


Confessions Of Man (2008)
Welcome To The War ep (2005)
Plead (2004)
The Fifth ep (2002)



Fayetteville, NC: Home to Ft. Bragg, strip clubs, tattoo shops, pawn shops, and THE FIFTH. Formed in 2001 by former Cold Sweat (MCA) vocalist Roy Cathey, The Fifth have been voted Best Local Band for 6 consecutive years by the readers of Up & Coming Magazine. The band's first full-length release "Plead" has sold 5000+ copies to date. New CD "Confessions Of Man" was released Sept. 2008.

TV ads:
Oct. 2008 Dodge Ram ad #1 featuring "Turn Away" by The Fifth. Originally aired on FOX network during prime time.
Oct. 2008 Dodge Ram ad #2 featuring "Been Here Before" by The Fifth. Originally aired on FOX network during prime time.
Nov. 2008 Grey's Anatomy ad featuring "Even to This Day" by The Fifth. Original ad ran during ABC's Dancing With the Stars w/ approx. 18 million viewers.

A successful tour of Japan was completed in Feb. 2008. Band was tapped to be Poison guitarist CC DeVille's backup band for his 2007 U.S. solo tour but the tour was scrapped early on due to Poison's heavy touring schedule at the time.

Latest single "The Gift" is currently in rotation on Columbus, GA radio station WVRK-FM Rock 103. The single "Lost" has received radio airplay and outstanding listener feedback on NC, TX, GA, and FL modern rock radio stations.

Current endorsements include Peavey, Spector, Washburn, Basson, Sonor, Attack Drum Heads, Ahead Drumsticks, Coffin Case Co., Black Kross, Knucklehead Strings, and Lava Cable.

The Fifth have shared the stage with national acts Nickleback, Hinder, Staind, Puddle of Mudd, Hoobastank, Three Days Grace, Finger Eleven, Crossfade, Breaking Benjamin, Sevendust, Saliva, CC DeVille, Black Stone Cherry, Rev Theory, Silvertide, Saving Abel, Jackyl, Ratt, Quiet Riot, and Blue Oyster Cult.

Booking Info:
Roy Cathey
Fifth Entertainment/R.O.C. Productions
Phone: (910) 391-2963