The Fifth Nation

The Fifth Nation


"Their music envelopes you and makes you want to slide back into a big comfy chair in the dark and be taken on a trip somewhere you've never been before which, when you arrive, seems hauntingly familiar."


TheFifthNation are a Sydney based band who, after trying their hands at ska, reggae, hip-hop and jazz, have come to find their niche in music that finds its beauty in spaciousness and in simplicity. Bringing to bear piano/rhodes, guitar, bass, drums, and jazz vocals, they have, like a phoenix, risen from the ashes of bands such as Lightly Salted Peanuts, The Wolfes and The Refrains into an entity far superior to the sum of the parts.


Slow For A Saturday EP
Includes 2 tracks:
'Slow for a Saturday' & 'JuneJulyAugust'
You can hear both tracks at: