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The best kept secret in music


Reviews ...

... of Ultra Nylon Life of Ease:
"the progression from Misanthropolis to Ultra Nylon is as quantum as Radiohead's leap from Pablo Honey to The Bends." -- Jason Heller, Westword; April 22 2004

"... a sprawling, atmospheric disc that bristles with experimental energy atop great songwriting."
-- Mark Brown, Rocky Mountain News; Critic's Choice, April 17 2004

"a challenging disc ... with filaments of tension strung between bursts of almost dreamlike beauty."
-- Jason Heller, Westword; April 22 2004

... of Misanthropolis:
"Uncompromising and caustic ... brimming with an intelligence and a precision that border on diabolic."
-- Laura Bond, Westword; January 10 2002

"Epic, grandiose, atmospheric rock straddles an almost invisible line of abandon and restraint ...
[t]here is great promise here" -- Mike Baker, Splendid E-zine; July 15 2002

"... magnificently produced to make the already great music sound even greater. These guys have something here, and the 10 or so times I’ve listened to this can attest to that." -- John Reidy, The Hooligan; September 1 2001

... of The Fifth Utility's live performance:
"a storm front of melody and emotion ... their voices are punctured lungs; their words are last gasps."
-- Jason Heller, Westword; April 22 2004

"The Fifth Utility rocks thoughtfully and with purpose ... razor sharp, accurate sound and ridiculously honest and beautiful lyrics ... effortless, exacting execution every time they play ... ready to explode at any minute, searing the ears and minds of music fans everywhere." -- Sean Cronin, UCD Advocate; May 29 2002 - visit for full text


Ultra Nylon Life of Ease -- 2004
Misanthropolis -- 2001


Feeling a bit camera shy


There is a sect of Tibetan monks, high in the Himalayan mountains, who routinely perform a most astounding ritual of focused meditation: they will spend the night, outside in the cold and snow, with nothing but a large wet towel to protect them from the elements. At sunset, each monk places his towel on the snow, sits on it, and wraps it around himself, and then must meditate to a trance-like state where he can generate enough heat to live through the night.

Amazingly, by sunrise, almost every monk is still alive, and almost every towel has been completely dried by the heat generated by its wearer. More amazingly still, some monks produce so much heat that they have melted all the snow around them, and are now sitting on dry ground!

It is possible, however, that even this level of focus could not apprehend every note and every nuance of Ultra Nylon Life of Ease on the first listen, but luckily for you, this is an un-timed excersice, and you will not be required to share your results with the rest of the class.

Listen carefully ...