The Fighting Cocks

The Fighting Cocks


The Fighting Cocks are Essex's finest Gypsy Hardcore band. They have been described as "Daphne and Celeste having a punchup with Cypress Hill at a Balkan wedding"


Our one-sheet says:

'The release of ‘Music for Lapdancers’ by fast, fun, Essex gypsy band ‘The Fighting Cocks’, is an addition to their already influential discography. They have had numerous releases on compilations as well as their hugely successful single ‘Love Somebody Yes I do’ released on FGZ Records.
The Fighting Cocks’ influences, (as well as kebabs and beer!) include classic rock bands such as the Ramones and The Clash, heavy American metal bands such as Pantera, as well as Bollywood and Daphne and Celeste! This eclectic mix gives them an individual style which you won’t forget!
‘The Fighting Cocks are unique, there are no other bands that could combine such fun elements into such a varied assault on the ears… magical!’ – Between Planets Magazine
Formerly super-cult band ‘Szeki Kurva’, The Fighting Cocks have been deemed ‘The most kick-ass band in Europe’ by Guitar Magazine.
The Fighting Cocks are not afraid to push the boundaries and create controversy wherever they go. Whether their audiences love them or hate them, they definitely remember them!
‘Aggressive, cynical and knowingly shambolic…The Cocks infiltrate the space between Daphne and Celeste and Limp Bizkit’ – NME
The Fighting Cocks will be touring this year, to support the release of the new album!'


Two albums on our own label:
Music For Lapdancers FGZ 2007
Come and See FGZ 2003
tracks streaming now at, radio airplay at XFM and Radio 1

Set List

Typical set list:

We Are The Fighting Cocks (Yes We Are)
Marvin and Tamara
The Lost Weekenders
Don't Care
Take Off That Veil
Coyote Ugly
No Candy
Smoke 'em If Ya Got 'em

about 30 minutes.