The Fight Within
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The Fight Within

Toledo, Ohio, United States | SELF

Toledo, Ohio, United States | SELF
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"AMP Magazine Unsigned Spotlight"

The Fight Within

What’s What: If your brain has your heart convinced that
dirty genuine hardcore punk riffs are being lost in the shuffle
to haircut centric neon synth bands, I can just throw a couple
of THE FIGHT WITHIN EPs at you and tell you to stop being
such a goddamn pessimist. Like the best of the best, THE
FIGHT WITHIN add an urgency to their vocals while meshing
thick tones and damn near southern stylized blues rock riffs
that would keep any EVERY TIME I DIE fan content. Imagine
a younger AGAINST ME! mixed with the sporadic energetic
outbursts of SMALL BROWN BIKE and you can start to grip
what’s going on in the FIGHT WITHIN camp. The band’s holed
up scripting their third EP as this is written and plan to have
something new on wax for you soon. (B.McBrayer)

Location: Toledo, OH
Current Release: Scum And Villany
CLUB - AMP Magazine

"The Fight Within Plays for Generation Really Tight Pants"

Anymore it's difficult to go to a show that's not overrun with these kids in tight pants and cell phones in hand. For a generation that supposedly loves music so much, I don't know how the bands they form are so offensive to the ears, nor how they even find a fan base. It's turned into something that's less about the music and more about getting away from their parents, hanging out with their friends and smoking an illegal cigarette.

Upon first glance and first listen that's what I thought I was getting into when I went to a show in NW Indiana, at Bean Counters in Highland. But every now and then I love to be proven wrong, and that's what the Ohio-based band, The Fight Within, did. At a show with so many local favorites, The Fight Within completely held their own; enough so to get me to stand in the crowd with Generation Really Tight Pants. Even though they were playing to a smaller crowd in a coffee shop venue, they gave it everything, and their everything made my night. The vocals and instrumentals were so strong I was waiting (and hoping) for the windows to bust apart.

Thanks The Fight Within. You give me hope. - Kotori Magazine, Diana Richardson


Two Song Demo - 2012
We Got It Covered (Cover Song EP) - 2009
Scum and Villainy EP - 2009



The Fight Within is a four-piece punk rock band from northwest Ohio. We have been a hard-working band, playing shows all around the United States since 2005. The band includes long-time friends Craig Dickman, Mark Metzger, Brad Kunz, and Sean Daily. Most of our music consists of loud, melodic guitar work and angry, gritty vocals backed by quicker-tempo drum beats. One thing that we hope most people take from us is that we are genuine and hard-working, and our top priority has always been to just have a good time together. We hope that rubs off on people who see and listen to us. Although we frequently address more serious topics in our music, we also balance that out with a sense of humor and don't take ourselves too seriously.