The Figures

The Figures


Melodic and smart. Indie but accessible. Understated instrumentation.


Formed in 2007 by two neighbors in New York's Catskills, The Figures look to Australia's Go-Betweens as inspiration for what is possible in rock music.

"I like rock, but I like thoughtful and intelligent lyrics" says songwriter and vocalist Steve Stellavato. "To me, Forster and McLennan {of The Go Betweens} embody everything that I aspire to. I'm a writer who works in song. That's how I see it."

Producer, arranger, and multi-instrumentalist Dennis Witnauer completes The Figures by bringing his conceptual background as a painter and architect to bear on the material.

Influenced by The Cure and Radiohead, Witnauer enjoys "a sound that is complete but also hints at more, like pages in a coloring book. I've... been listening to Mark Mulcahy a lot. I love his simplicity. I feel inspired by that sound."

The Figures first release "Babies Sleeping" will be available in Spring 2010 on their own Go Figures! record label.


Touch and Feel

Written By: Steve Stellavato

Climbing to the roof top
To see how far we can see
A water tower, some of Manhattan
All a bit blurry

An evening at the movies
Standing beneath the marquee
A place you'd pass by like nothing
If you were walking by on the street

Lying on your floor
Nestling like nesting dolls
Two cats asleep in the sun
Taking up most of the couch

Playing in the book store
Holding titles we'd recommend
"A Touch and Feel Adventure"
We laugh, but it's not pretend


To be released:

Babies Sleeping EP

Set List

60- 90 minutes. Mostly originals with well-chosen covers interspersed.