The Filthy Animals

The Filthy Animals


i would say that our music is a mixture of the Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Nirvana. More Nirvana Though.


All hail the power-trio! The Filthy Animals are a three-piece band from the Jersey Shore who plays a mix of rock, punk and funk. The boys have been together now for two years now, and have released their first LP, "In His Mind", despite only being Senior's/Sophomores in high school. With influences ranging from Converge to Bob Dylan you could see these guys sure know how to mix things up.


We have a lot of songs that we have played over the Three and half years we have been together. Here are a list of all of our songs. Underneath the Tree, The Welcome Song, She, Three, The New Song, Time is Timeless, Dananana, In His Mind (part 1, 2), Panty's, Extremely New song, Punk ,Drop D and a couple more without any names.

Set List

Well every single show we have had a totally different Setlist to be diverce but here is a group of songs that we normally play at each show.
Welcome song
In his mind 1, 2
Tiime is Timeless
Drop D
All type of jams for about 5 minutes.