The Filthy Thirds

The Filthy Thirds


Filthy Thirds sound is best described as a chance encounter involving Danzig and Motorhead enjoying a few beers with Black Sabbath and Pantera while watching a triple feature of Friday the 13th, Halloween, and the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.


Rambling about the past is utterly meaningless. Filthy Thirds are a monolithic juggernaut of sonic brutality.


Coming Soon: Filthy Thirds Studio Album, "Stone Dead," as well as Filthy Thirds "Live!" CD/DVD combo.

Set List

Filthy Thirds set list can include a number of their original numbers including,
Thulsa Doom, Blood Moon, Deathproof, Cold, Last House On The Left, Take You Down, Nightstalker, Dead Guys and $, Turn Me To Stone, Stabbed In The Dark, Manson family Values, Knights In Satan's Service, Twelve Gauge, Cursed, Jason Lives, Down In Hell, and Return Of The Living Dead. Filthy Thirds typically play one or two covers in a set. Some of the artists the band occasionally cover include, Roky Erickson, Manowar, Misfits, Judas Priest, The Ramones, Metallica, Motorhead, and Black Sabbath.