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Priestly Duties of the Sixth World
Posted by Shane on 2007/1/2 11:42:34 (77 reads)

We began our journey in the bitter cold, keeping to ourselves for the illusion of warmth provided by internal solitude. Children wandered the streets with naive abandon, terribly out of sync with their raucous surroundings. Their innocence was a front. I knew the evil they held in their secret hearts. It was nothing, however, compared to the evil we would soon embrace. The dawn of a revolution was upon us, the sixth world to which our bloodthirsty ancestors had alluded. We were going to a rock show.

The Filthy Thirds opened with a rapid one two punch of intense sonic energy. Trent, as always, was a titan on the stage, taking the room into the palm of his hand and closing his fingers without mercy upon the crowd. Backed by a simple but amazingly tight rhythm section, the guitars wailed in harmony with Trent's gritty voice. I have been consistently reminded how much I love The Thirds, and that night was no exception. I was in purest blissful hell.

Their set steadily gained momentum, barreling like a demonic freight train set loose in the vacuum of space. Their destination was clear. Critical mass was approaching. It would be the destruction of us all. I always knew I would meet my end at the cruel hands of rock and roll. I was prepared.

Death would have nothing to do with me, though - not that night. He could see the musical fire burning in my soul, and he was surely wary of its all consuming presence. So it was, having instilled the fear into a personification of immutable nature, that I survived to witness the thirds’ explosion into the nebulous cosmic matter that called itself The Dirty Blondes. - FMFFP Website


Coming Soon: Filthy Thirds Studio Album, "Stone Dead," as well as Filthy Thirds "Live!" CD/DVD combo.



Rambling about the past is utterly meaningless. Filthy Thirds are a monolithic juggernaut of sonic brutality.