The Finalist

The Finalist


The Finalist is a guitar-driven rock band that combines raw energized vocals with pop-hook melodies. Hailing from Houston, Texas, The Finalist is signed to Maverick Records and their debut album will be released in Spring 2007.


The Finalist recorded their debut release in Vancouver, Canada with acclaimed rock producer, GGGarth Richardson (Rage Against The Machine). The sound that was captured reflects the high energy and passionate delivery of this young but extremely talented band.

The Finalist are currently touring, building their community of friends and fans while promoting their Maverick Records full-length record debut. The heavily guitar driven record, full of pop-hook melodies, is set for a Spring 2007 release. Hailing from Houston, Texas, the four-members are 18, 19, 21 and 21 years old. They met through their mutual love for rock music, and from continuously running into each other at various rock venues throughout Houston. They formed after lead vocalist, Dylan Brady, and lead guitarist, Jerry Nettles, decided to leave their old band and create a sound that would offer heartfelt melodies and straight-up rock guitars. Dylan and Jerry already had other members in mind. Jerry had known drummer Doug Adams for a few years, and knew he shared the same musical vision. The final member, Brent Nettles, was selected because of his musical talent and passion, and the organic sound of the band is enhanced because he and his brother, Jerry have toiled together for years.

It has been a fast-paced two years since The Finalist formed. They began recording songs as soon as they wrote them. And by the time they had completed a six-song demo, they were already hearing from interested record labels. Signing to Maverick Records almost exactly one year after their first practice, The Finalist spent every day for the next six months writing the record they would later record in Summer 2005. That recording, overseen by legendary rock producer GGGarth Richardson in Vancouver, Canada will be released in Spring 2007. For now, the band continues to tour, rehearse, write, and build their audience. You can hear them live, or as the featured artist on the complilation soundtrack for "The Hills Have Eyes," produced by Wes Craven, which came out March 21, 2006.


"Leave The Broken"

Written By: The Finalist

Leave The Broken
Another night
Another episode that makes me feel just right
And I can’t see through this bottle to save my life
I’m lost there’s nowhere to go
And I can’t trust you as far as I throw
This time I realize

The look in your eyes
Won’t let me down
Lets leave here tonight
Lets leave this town
Leave those broken hearts behind
I swear it will be right
It will be right this time

The past is gone
So take those memories and burn them to the ground
While the opportunity is still around
I pick myself up off the street
I never thought it would be open to me
Don’t ever second-guess it

(Repeat Chorus)

As I take this gun
I knock down these walls
And paint her name in red
With the last words she said
That girl threw me overboard
As I say bring me back again
Oh lift her off my head
Bring me back
Bring me back again


Debut Album will be released Spring 2007. EP for sale on tour only. Opening track on THE HILLS HAVE EYES Soundtrack Compilation and video included on the HHE DVD (video link below):
The Finalist-"Leave the Broken Hearts Behind" video streams
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Set List

No covers. Set list includes any/all of the following original songs:
"Leave The Broken"
"On My Way"
"Here With Me"
"What Makes You Think"
"Waste of a World"
"All The Same"
"2 A.M."
"Ready To Explain"
"Will You Return"
"For Her"