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The Finger

Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece | SELF

Thessaloníki, Central Macedonia, Greece | SELF
Band Rock Alternative


This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos



"Single Review: The Finger – “Die! Die Superhero!”"

Listening to the opening bars of the track – there was me thinking it was going to be an Alisha’s Attic reprisal but this is simple, fresh and catchy.

Hypnelia’s voice is very sweet and the track is laden with rolling grooves. But actually listen – here are the lyrics:

“die die / superhero / fly fly / out the window / this time / we will get you” “lie lie / we believe you / hide hide / we dont need you” “Somebody whispers / somebody’s screaming / I give the finger / and I don’t listen” “die die / motherfucker / cry cry / in your laughter / goodbye / we will miss you” “die die / like a flower / fry fry / I turn on the power”.

On first listen, they don’t like superheroes and fry flowers. You’d better not give them a finger, you’d better give them a thumbs up instead.

I’m basing my opinion on one song – their debut single, but I feel this Greek band may be one to keep an eye on. - Purerawk

"The Finger: An Indie rock act to watch out!"

Well, now its hard to imagine just a small little finger playing music, but that's what I just got to hear! Yes folks, this is about an indie-rock band who call themselves, 'The Finger', and for their music, I'd definitely like to give them a thumbs up!

The Finger has 5 members:

Noukas Sotiris
Azas Sakis
Nick Ditsias
Andreas Haralanis

I got to hear their debut single titled 'Die! Die Superhero!', and I must say, these guys ROCK! The progressive song began with a meaningful intro, a familiar voice but Lia's got the uniqueness in her vocals that I liked a lot! An appreciable guitar rhythm, well balanced drums and good sound recording: They had it all! Though the bass could have been a bit better and I was actually expecting a meaningful guitar solo too, but lets just wait for the whole album guys! It's sure gonna be a treat to your ears!

- Bearockr

"Introducing: The Finger"

No, I am not finding a new creative way of insulting you. The Finger is an Indie Rock band hailing from Thessaloniki, Greece and I approve of them. Upon listening to their single ‘Die Die Superhero’ (which was self released on June,10th) I am reminded of Metric (whom i love) and Yeah Yeah Yeahs. These are strictly on a pure reference point for ‘you’ the reader. Lead Singer Lia Siouti shines with finesse, vibrancy and is downright a great vocal addition to the stellar musicianship in the band. They are definitely well organized, polished and in a world of DIY albums that can be hard to come by some times.

These guys may be new to the scene but there is a definite ‘staying’ power that I can hear so far, I will definitely keep my eyes and robotic ears open to any performances they might be having as well as any info regarding releases and things of the like. Check out their single above and be sure to head out to their soundcloud and other band related sites for all things The Finger. - The Invisible Robot

"Songs To Learn and Sing"

If you read the headline “Greece Give Europe The Finger” you may be forgiven for thinking this may relate to the financial crisis currently spreading across the Euro Zone. But you’d be wrong, The Finger are in fact a band from Thessaloniki who deliver punchy, melodic indie rock and prove there’s far more going on in Greece than George Michael wanna-be’s and Demis Roussos impersonators. The band are currently working on their debut album, in the meantime you can grab a rather marvellous song for free below. ( Imagine how big it would be if they changed the title to ‘Die , Die News International?‘) Greece is the word…

- Andy Von Pip Musical Express

"The Finger: “Die! Die Superhero!”"

Yeah, their economy is pretty much in the toilet, and their band name isn’t going to help kick-start it, but my spirits at least are buoyed by what I hear from Greece’s The Finger. Lead singer Lia Siouti pedestrianly calls them “indie rock;” I liken this song to recent (free) stuff from Billy Corgan’s Smashing Pumpkins - Gentle but confident vocals, meticulous instrumentation, accentuated by an occasional, punchy guitar riff.

Sounds like: Definitely not “all Greek.” Could have easily fooled me by saying they were from Toronto, New York, or even the UK. Can’t wait to hear more! -

"The Finger X Fat Kid On Fire"

I have only heard two tracks from The Finger’s debut album, but given how good they’ve been I’m not afraid to predict big things for this five piece. I’m definitely looking forward to hearing more from these guys. Until we get another track on The Finger’s Soundcloud, follow them on Twitter and Facebook. Here’s hoping we see them make it over here at some point after Christmas for a little tour after the album’s launched. I’ll be going to see them, who’s with me? - Fat Kid On Fire

"The Finger - Die! Die Superhero!"

Fronted by Lia Siouti, The Finger produces a nice, quality, modern rock sound. I really like it. It is slightly different to what I might normally listen to and I think that is why I am so drawn to them. It seems like a whole new culture of music that, I guess in a way, being from Canada, I am secluded from. Or, maybe I just need to visit some more shows and really live the various cultures in Toronto. Anyways, back to the music. Lia's voice really amplifies that modern quality sound that they have going on. She adds this attitude to the band which I really like. When I say attitude, I mean to say she has a very distinctive yet endearing voice. Tip: wear headphones, laptop speakers are no good (that goes for any song ... ever).
- Music On My Radar

"The Finger: In A Fragment Of Time"

Good news from Greece. Thessaloniki pop band The Finger have are releasing their second single In A Fragment Of Time. Lead singer Lia Siouti bridges the gap between Gothic rock and Euro New Wave, with a vocal range that sounds like the missing link between Martha Johnson (Martha and The Muffins) and Kristine Sykes Arinos (Teliof).

The band is currently working on their debut full-length. Their debut single Die! Die Superhero! is also a serious song wrapped in wel-worn power pop chords, the kind of music that you want to hear tearing down the road with the rooftop down. - Here Comes The Flood

"[Listen/Download] The Finger- Die! Die Superhero!"

From Thessaloniki (in Greece I think?) comes female fronted rock band The Finger. Their sound is a very pop infused punk rock sound that sounds deeply influenced by Britain. I find it very amusing that they give “the finger” in this song. - Ride The Tempo

"The Devil's Round Up 13th November 2011"

The FingerWith Greece going to hell in a handcart, debts are spiralling out of control and a severe dose of austerity on the way it seems quite apt that Greece give the world The Finger. - Slash The Seats

"The Finger: Die! Die Superhero!"


If you follow football, the round ball sport, you probably will ask “how come a Portuguese guy is posting a song from a band based in Greece”? Well, 2004 was 7 years ago. I don’t remember anything, just the Greece shirt I was wearing the first day Portugal team played against Greece. Well, I remember the Portuguese goalkeeper blocking last England’s penalty shot and scoring right away. Oh, good memories…

Music is what we’re here for, and what better track could we feature by a band based in Greece then Die! Die Superhero? We haven’t heard many good news from Greece lately, but we’re shure The Finger will change the way you look at that mediterranean country.

I Don’t Believe My Eyes is the album to be released soon. The track you are listening today is an excellent preview of it. - Insomnia Radio

"Track Of The Week"

Sounding like Shirley Manson fronting H.I.M.'s contemporary power ballads, Greek outfit The Finger take a great mix of melody & theatrics on the power-pop of 'Die! Die Superhero!'

The Finger is an indie rock band located in Thessaloniki, Greece. The band consists of 5 members : Lia Siouti, Noukas Sotiris, Azas Sakis,Nickos Ditsias, Andreas Haralanis.

All the members had already worked together in several projects, which resulted in a special chemistry and connection between them. Sotiris Noukas was the sound engineer in Hypnelia's solo project and Sakis Azas was the guita...rist. Sakis is also a permanent session guitarist in all of Noukas Sotiris projects and productions. Through all these recordings and the endless hours they have spent together, they started to bond and form a strong friendship. This was the beginning of the formation of the band.

Their sound is deeply influenced by the British rock scene but individually their musical influences vary from trip hop to heavy metal sounds. -

"Crank the engine, fire up the new year"

Greek rockers The Finger have been releasing song after song from their upcoming full-length album, and title track “I Don’t Believe My Eyes” is the latest. The dark, mysterious tune has a great groove going for it, meshing well with the alto female vocals. The slinky, forceful bass melodies power the song through to the big pay-off—and it is big. You should be looking forward to their album.

- Indepedent Clauses

"The Finger: I Don't Believe My Eyes"

Greek indie pop band The Finger are sharing the title track from their upcoming full-length I Don't Believe My Eyes. The euro crisis has taken the country by storm and the song deals with all the ensuing economical madness that could lead to a country going bankrupt. A sense of foreboding can be detected in the bleak bass lines and muffled drums. - Here Comes The Flood

"Listen to “I don’t believe my eyes” by Greek band The Finger"

Thessaloniki, Greece based band THE FINGER have released the brand new single from their upcoming full length album!

As you might remember, the first single we aired from the band called “Die Die Superhero” had reach #98 in the “Top 100 Requested” song countdown in September 2011.

Out of the 3 songs we have from the band in our REQUEST system on the station, this is by FAR my favorite track from them so check it out! - Radio Rock Cafe


"Die! Die Superhero!" cd single released June,2011
"In A Fragment Of Time" cd single released October,2011
"I Don't Believe My Eyes" full length album, scheduled to be released on March,2012



The Finger is and indie rock band located in Thessaloniki, Greece and it consists of 5 members : Hypnelia, Noukas Sotiris, Azas Sakis, Nick Ditsias, Andrew Haralanis.
All the members before the formation of the band, had already worked together in several projects, which resulted in a special chemistry and connection between them.
Their sound is deeply influenced by the British rock scene but individually their musical influences vary from trip hop to heavy metal sounds.
Their debut cd single "Die! Die Superhero!" was self released on June,10th and distributed digitally worldwide. The Finger also released a second single from their upcoming debut album, titled "In A Fragment Of Time".
The releases soon resulted in a fast growing fan base and a big coverage by the press in Greece and worldwide.
The band is currently at studio recording a full-length album, whose release is going to be supported by a tour.