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"Album review (9/10) "sheer delight from beginning to end""

The Fire & I – Stampede Finale

Never underestimate the appeal of a good hook. Sometimes, all rockers want to do is have fun. And if The Fire & I don’t get you dancing, you’ve probably too drunk. A drum and bass duo maybe old hat these days (Lightning Bolt, Death From Above 1979, NoMeansNo, Beehoover...), but each brings their own unique take to belie the fact there’s only two of them.

This Scottish duo are a case in point. Scotland has a proud history of melodic rock that’s rather tweaked (Jesus & Mary Chain were basically Beach Boys buried under layers of fuzz), and TF&I continue in this proud tradition. In their case, they combine the twisted pop sensibilities buried deep within the Jesus Lizard and the balls out excitement of Bear Vs Shark into one silky smooth package. ‘Fuck The Cliche’ is one of those tunes that encapsulate what this brave new world is all about: cheeky synth lines and a chorus so addictive heroin might well have been invented to wean you off it.

It’s not all pop thrills though: ‘Mr K’ has the same stop-start frills that were the hallmarks of thisGIRL’s post-hardcore mash-up, and there’s a hint of Jawbreaker’s grinding riffs and husky intelligence in ‘Control’ and ‘Bullwings’, and ‘Left And Right’ has the same polemic fury Stiff Little Fingers had in their heyday. And if you try to deny the appeal of “ba da da da! ‘Just Face It’, you should be looking for your soul somewhere under a rock instead of reading this review. This record is a sheer delight from beginning to end, combining the very best of unashamedly catchy punks and the depth of post-hardcore into one tidy package. A record not to be missed."

Reviewed by Steve Jones
“Stampede Finale” is out now on “CrashCar” - Soundshock Webzine

""The most amazing band on the whole Scottish indie scene""

"The most amazing band on the whole Scottish indie scene by virtue of the fact that they are just bass, drums and vocals, playing real songs and not making you miss anything else that you might expect to be there" - Dead Earnest

"Album review - Youtube"

"The Fire and I is a modern alternative band from Scotland. With their debut full-length album, they have combined many sounds and ideas into a package that is immediately enjoyable and a lot of fun to listen to. This is an album that brings me back to my early alternative-metal and punk days..." - Brendan Rollinson-Lorimer

""sheer rock credibility" "quintessentially brilliant""

The Fire and I
Dark in the Shade/Just Face It

added: 6 Sep 2009 // release date: 21 Aug 2009 // label:
reviewer: Susan Ford

"The Fire and I are an indestructible duo with a sound to match, and release this week two new singles to showcase the musical power and sheer rock credibility of the act. ‘Dark in The Shade’ and ‘Just Face It’ are nothing short of a success for The Fire and I and, complete with compelling B-Sides, provide a soundtrack to counterbalance the beautiful autumn leaves.

‘Dark in The Shade’ is a powerful opener with a shouting chorus and fierce drumbeat, capturing the band’s unique style in just one song. Teamed with ‘Left and Right’ and ‘Bullwings’, the band trample on any notions of mellow, and replace with pure noise-rock and an intensely cool sound.

‘Just Face It’ is again a quintessentially brilliant, dark and graceful anthem under the belt for The Fire and I. This single contains the band’s trademark tune and charming metal track ‘Revenge to the Bloody Angel’ as a B-Side. The two releases from Fire and I are a double listening pleasure, a intriguing combination of music and minds." - Susan Ford

""highlight of the festival""

GRV, Edinburgh
added: 14 Sep 2009
gig date: 23 Aug 2009
reviewer: Susan Ford

Taking over Edinburgh’s GRV for 3 days with the biggest names in Scottish music is Gap Radio’s SOSfest, a monster of a festival inviting Tommy Reilly, Frightened Rabbit’s Scott Hutchinson, The Xcerts and Sergeant to headline. Despite being smack bang in the midst of Edinburgh’s annual Edge Festival/Fringe Festival, SOSfest made its mark in the tiny GRV to be one of August’s musical highlights.

Kicking off Sunday night are Fred Astaire’s Boots, an act that start with a huge burst of flowery tunes that will continue throughout the evening. Sunshine pop is definitely the theme of today’s festivities and Fred Astaire’s Boots are the first to showcase the genre in its fullest glory. Callel, a local Edinburgh band, follow suit providing another simple sound with a super jingly feel. It is clear from the tiny crowd that the fans are saving themselves for the headliners tonight, which is a shame because if you like Sergeant and Ray Summers, you’d love Callel.

Pushing the loveliness of tonight’s performances a little too far, are the sickeningly sweet Tango in the Attic. By now the jingling-jangling pop genre is beginning to grate, and although they nail that sunshine-pop perfectly, it’s just all turned a bit too 'nice’ for a live music gig. But the next act takes this scene and flips it all upside down.

In amongst the lovely, sunshine-friendly pop line up, is the absolute musical gem The Fire and I. The duo combine bass and drum for a heavy sound like you’ve never heard before: jaunty and uncontrollably nauseous clashes of metal and grunge, juxtaposed with well-tuned and flaming vocals. The Fire and I have the floor literally shaking as they perform the best set of the night.

Next on are the handsome ska-punks from Falkirk, The Ray Summers. The Ray Summers add electricity and energy to every stage they play, and tonight is no exception. 'Boots and Cats’ is always the best song of their set, consistently catchy and fun, and new single 'The Shepherd’ is another graceful delight from this quirky act. Combining the musical stylings of The Kinks and The Rolling Stones with a modern Britpop from Oasis and Kasabian, The Ray Summers again highlight all that is good about Scottish sunshine-pop.

Headlining tonight are Sergeant. As Sergeant take to the stage, it’s clear to see why Noel Gallagher personally asked the band to be main support for Oasis’s winter Scottish dates. Sergeant deliver a set reminiscent of the 90s Brit pop era, with touches of The Seahorses, Cast, Suede and Oasis themselves. The music is also heavily influenced by bands of the past such as The La’s and the Beatles giving Sergeant an antique and beautiful feel.

Sergeant bring to town their own brand of sunshine pop, all-jingling, all-jangling feel good music. Previous single 'K-OK’ is a breath of fresh air, showcasing lead singer Nick Mercer’s distinctive and brilliant vocal style. 'Sue Loves It’ is perhaps the highlight of the show, with its catchy vocals and cascading harmonies. New single 'Swiftly Does It’ sets their style deeply in stone; the catchy, recognisable intros leading us into those sing-a-long choruses.

Gap Radio’s SOSfest saw three days of Scotland’s biggest names: Tommy Reilly, Scott Hutchinson, The Xcerts, Ewan Butler, The Fire and I, The Void and Sergeant. Sunday witnessed The Fire and I perform the highlight of the festival, but also headliners Sergeant set the stage alight. Sergeant have supported Pigeon Detectives, Fratellis, Supergrass and Oasis, but the time has now come for Sergeant to take the limelight for themselves.


""make the White Stripes look like Yes""

* Source: The List (Issue 614)
* Date: 2 October 2008
* Written by: David Pollock

Limbo at the Voodoo Rooms, Edinburgh, Thu 4 Sep


Congratulations to Bathgate duo The Fire and I, who have managed to strip the whole concept of the rock ‘n’ roll band back down to its most basic elements. Essentially a four-legged rhythm section, they combine the drumming of Hooligan (we believe his real name’s Julian) and the bass of Gordon Love. That’s it. It doesn’t get any simpler than that. They make the White Stripes look like Yes.

Actually, it’s not quite as industrial or as knuckle-headed as it might seem. Through a variety of effects box tricks, Love still manages to make his bass sound like a proper lead guitar, albeit one which feels louder and more calamitous than any others you’ll have heard. The effect is great though, and the songs sound raw and urgent, particularly when Love goes stagger-dancing all over the stage and jumping on the drum kit. There is a whiff of Biffy about them, while song titles like ‘Revenge of the Bloody Angel’ and ‘The Bullwinged Monster’ can just go away – but still, TFAI make an urgent and exciting new noise. One to take notice of." - The List

""a live show not worth missing""

T-Break Review

"The penultimate act comes in the form of hotly-tipped duo The Fire And I. The drum 'n bass (and I mean that literally, as in a drummer and a bassist) power-rockers provide what could have been the performance of the night.

Whether it was the dual-vocals, the drummer playing drums and keyboard simultaneously or the driving bass line reminiscent of early Muse, I am not entirely sure. This is a live show not worth missing though, I can tell you that much."

Words by Andrew Burns
- T in the Park


THE FIRE AND I, Tunnels, Aberdeen

THEY may only be a duo, but bass-playing frontman Gordon Love and drummer Hooligan make more noise than most bands twice their size.

Opener and new single Revenge To The Bloody Angel is a pounding rocker, while The Beginning combines funky synths and solid rock'n'roll madness.

Their nifty multi-instrumental skills sparkle on Just Face It, with Love doing acoustic arpeggios and then riffs AND lead guitar on the bass. Not to be outdone, Hooligan drums furiously, sings and even plays synth too. Finishing off with Mr K, they descend into a cacophony of noise, complete with bull- horn and harmonica. Mind-blowing.

DAVE CRAIG - News Of The World


Debut album 'Stampede Finale' out now
Release date: 1/11/10 via CrashCar Records, and distributed in the UK by Code7/Plastichead

Available on iTunes, Amazon MP3, Napster, eMusic, Rhapsody,, Liquid Digital, HMV

Youtube videos at:



Genre: Alternative Rock
Origin: Edinburgh/Glasgow, UK

The Fire and I are an energetic two-piece from Scotland, UK.
Using only bass and drums, Gordon and Hooligan have molded a very distinctive and powerful sound, often difficult to comprehend from their two members.

They were one of a shortlist of acts to be selected for 'In The City' showcase and also played the Tbreak stage at 'T in the Park' festival, packing out the tent, despite being onstage at the same time as Rage Against The Machine and Kaiser Chiefs.
The band have supported acts such as Biffy Clyro, Sucioperro and The Young Knives and have sold out local venues such as 'King Tuts' as the headline act.

TFAI have featured on Radio 1 Scotland with Jim Gellatly, Kerrang Radio with Johnny Doom, BBC Radio 6 with Tom Robinson, and have played a Radio 1 session with Vic Galloway, amongst others.


UPDATE - May 2011

The end of 2010 saw the release of The Fire And I's awaited debut album 'Stampede Finale' via CrashCar Records. The album has so far received some excellent reviews:

"The Fire And I are one of the best bands in Scotland right now."
-Resound Scotland
"44 minutes of mind-bending, jaw-dropping musical addiction that's arguably the most sensational thing you've heard come out of the UK indie scene in years"
-Dead Earnest
"This record is a sheer delight from beginning to end, combining the very best of unashamedly catchy punks and the depth of post-hardcore into one tidy package. A record not to be missed. (9/10)"
"Evoking Biffy Clyro at their most experimental, Blood Red Shoes at their heaviest, and DFA9179 at their most genius, there’s certainly a bright future for these guys."

This summer The Fire and I enjoyed a tour of Italy, playing a ten day tour to some great crowd numbers and are currently working on their second album which is expected to be out in 2012.