The Fire and Reason

The Fire and Reason


"Can you picture PJ Harvey's younger sister kicking electroclash back towards glam with big stompy boots while waving a chainsaw?"


Bella Saona, lead singer for The Fire and Reason( TFaR) laughs when asked the inevitable question: "Yeah it might not seem politically correct to use the word "fire" for your band name, when you did three years at juvenile detention facilities for setting your school ablaze, but what the hell." It is this edgy defiance that sets apart the stunning TFaR singer from every other woman in the modern rock world. She doesn't just talk the talk she walks the walk.

Blending macabre fantasy with her "believe it or not"� reality, her sound has been making thousands of fans all over the world take notice. With over 7.6K myspace fans and 38K profile views TFaR have become an online sensation. "I guess I could have been considered a troubled child growing up, but I realized I could get more attention causing a ruckus on stage, then on the street or in some institution." The gorgeous lead singer has even walked runways all over the world, appearing in various fashion magazines, and has even turned down offers from Mr. Hefner himself. "I'm all about the music!! The beats, the words, the feeling. I'm alive on stage tempting and taunting the audience."

The sound is up to the minute, and has drawn comparisons to everything from Primal Scream to Gwen Stefani. Steve (formerly of the rocktronica-tribal assault known as Radiate) brings the Nine Inch Nails vibe to the proceedings. The Male vs. Female vocals, sets apart this sonic assault from other groups they are often lumped in with. "Each song has its' own character, and we break up the parts accordingly. I take the sexy, goth stuff, and Steve throws in more of an aggressive edge. We mix and match vocals and lyrics to come up with a complete picture."

"If you listen to what's on most modern rock radio stations, you don't hear many female fronted bands. I think it's time for chicks to start making some noise with the big boys, and I'm just the chick to do it!!"

Having just won the Teamsleep Remix contest, and a feature in URB Magazine, TFaR has added drummer Chris Bielfeldt and Thomas Buchmueller to the live machine! TFaR also just finished being selected and playing the 25th Anniversary of CMJ's Music Marathon! The music industry is starting to find out what thousands of fans all over the world already know. There's a FIRE spreading!



Written By: The Fire and Reason

Well you can call me lover, or you can call me pain
I stole you from another, then danced on her remains
And this is how we play the game
And this is how we behave in the night
"Your Beautiful" When your laughing
"Your Beautiful" When you cry
"Your Beautiful" When your blood stains
"Your Beautiful" When you die.


The Fire and Reason EP (2006 Re:construkt Records)

Set List

30 Minute Set
2-Her Evil
4-Faux Party
5-It Starts with One
6-Sin Drogas