The Fireman's Daughter

The Fireman's Daughter

 Nashville, Tennessee, USA

The female Americana duo The Fireman's Daughter would best be described as the love child of Patty Griffin and David Rawlings. With a splash of things such as toy piano, dirty blues, unique harmonies and truthful songwriting to keep you on your toes.


The Fireman’s Daughter is a female Americana duo based out of Nashville, Tennessee. The two members are comprised of Catie Flynn and Alex Kline. With the combination of Catie’s soulful vocals and Alex’s roots based guitar playing, the Fireman’s Daughter sound is best described as the result of the love child of Patty Griffin and David Rawlings.

All of the band material is written by Catie and Alex. Their writing is a truthful combination of storytelling and raw emotion, with melodic underpinnings that highlight the lyrics. Instruments they employ vary among acoustic and electric guitar. Mandolin, banjo, harmonica, lap steel, and even a pink Barbie toy piano.

The Fireman’s Daughter recently performed at gigs in Boston, Cape Cod and New York, as well as at multiple venues in and around Nashville. Subsequent dates include Cleveland and Chicago.

The Fireman’s Daughter sound is unique, unusual and exciting.



Written By: Alex Kline

My inside out dress
was the one that fit me best
until my lipstick slipped and stained it
now pasing by the door
anxious heels click the floor
as I strain for the bell
to pull me out of hell

and hope you’ll put me out of my misery
and hope you’ll put me out of my misery

I’ll shuffle all my words
Comb through my cluttered purse
for my keys
Oh these jello knees
They hold me up straight
Like a wobbly second rate
Garage sale chair
And I brush back my hair

and hope you’ll put me out of my misery
and hope you’ll put me out of my misery

though we never did last
since then I’ve let other men pass
cause they never gave me that beautiful feelin’ of misery

won’t you give me back my misery
won’t you give me back my misery

Fishing Song

Written By: Catie Flynn

You grab the pole
I'll grab the wine
Meet at the lake
No excuse this time
Show up late, oh nothing has changed
Good friends will always stay the same

Let it all sink in
Let it all sink in
Then cast again

To the left on the old oak tree
You carved I love you, Amber Lee
I knew it was something you'd hope I'd see
I never said how much it meant to me

Let it all sink in
Let it all sink in
Then cast again

I took too long to make my move
I took too long to think it through
We've both moved on since then
We're just casting friends

Let it all sink in
Let it all sink in
Then cast again

We'll always be best friends you'll see
Even when you catch more fish then me

Airplanes for Stars

Written By: Alex Kline

Driving away from my home
Way out in the boons
Where the hills were my cradle
And I was lullaby by the moon
Off to pursue beige walls
And bright street lights
Where sleeping's for dead people
And workdays bleed into the night

So if you’re looking for me
And my old high school car
We’ll be where there’s
Buildings for trees
And airplanes, airplanes for stars

Another sidewalk morning
No time to check my laces
Or ill be trampled by suites
Clinging to their black briefcases
‘Cause the falling hammer might get you
If you’re a minute late
Then you’ll be up all night begging
To the heavens for your pay

But wishing to the sky
You know can be a little hard
When there are buildings for trees
And airplanes, airplanes for starts
Big dipper you’ve been hiding from me
Behind the twinkle of the city
Green in my pocket could never replace
The green on the ground
That’s been erased for some time now

So see you later old town
I’m off to relocate my heart
I’m trading these buildings for trees
And airplanes
These buildings for trees and airplanes
Airplanes for stars

So Long

Written By: Alex Kline

When I saw your forest greens,
They made my heart stutter.
And when I went to speak,
My mouth could only flutter.
I found something I didn’t know was lost,
When you leaned in for a kiss.
Oh, I must have been in the sixth grade
The last time I felt like this.
It’s been


So long, baby,
Baby, so long.
(repeat three times)

Your whispers like syrup
Drip in my ear
Telling me it’s time
This is my least favorite part of each day
Leaving you behind
No tune on the station could replace your kisses
That hooked my from the start
Each block that I drive away feels more like we’re oceans apart
Each mile feels


I gave you the most precious gift,
I’ve ever given,
My soul in a box
Tied up with a ribbon.
And you stayed for three seasons,
But it felt more like three days.
Then without warning
You took your love and left me astray.


That’s Why Houses Have Front Doors

Written By: Alex Kline

I was sittin’ with my momma
Fumblin’ with my wedding band
I said in a shaky voice
“He simply isn’t the man
That I married, when I was just a girl”
She took her soft hand
And stroked my purple cheek
I said, “I know what I should do
But it seems so hard to leave
Knowing that I’d have to start fresh in this world.”
She said,

“That’s why houses have front doors
All you do is start from there
Don’t worry about anything more
It’ll all come like breathing air
And once you walk right through
Oh you’ll suddenly feel sure,
That’s why houses have front doors”

3 states over 2 years later
Me and my healin’ heart
Were starin’ out the window
For a slowing silver car
To pick us up for our first date
My nerves felt all tangled
Wonderin all that I should tell
Should I open with the past?
Should I wait to see if this goes well?
Then I thought, “I should do it my mothers way”
I remember when she said


From our 1st date to our 1st dance
In my wedding gown
A black limo tied with cans
Drove us to our new home
And we ran up the porches stairs
Then he picked me off my feet
Smiled, swung the door open
And carried me
Over the threshold


Debut EP "Road to Tennessee" was released July 2009

Set List

Typical set list includes mostly originals and sometimes one or two covers from artist spanning from Neil Young, Tom Petty, Disney's "The Little Mermaid," Gillian Welch and Radiohead.

Typically sets range from 30min, to 1hr and 30min.

Some original songs include:
Road to TN
Let Me Down Slow
Fishing Song
Airplanes For Stars
Lucky Pennies
That's No Bright Light
I Cried Wolf
Why Didin't You Say So
So Long