The Fire Seeds

The Fire Seeds


The Fire Seeds: Revive your spirit, revive your soul, revive your faith in rock n' roll!


The Fire Seeds are a power trio from the 'power province' of Canada - Alberta. This band writes burnin' original rock n' roll tunes that showcase the musical virtuosity of it's players. Hearkening back to rock n' roll classic bands such as ZZ Top, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Black Crowes, and Rush; The Fire Seeds also are influenced by new powerhouses such as Audioslave and Wolf Mother.

The band is not afraid to explore varying musical territories. They are of the opinion that real rock n' roll is built on the foundations of the music that preceded it, such as blues, reggae, jazz and funky stuff.

Formed from the ashes of two previous bands - Another Midnight Revival and Mother Engine, The Fire Seeds have been busy in their hometown and are ready to expand thier sound to greater heights.


Heroes to Whores

Written By: Shane Larmand, Ross vanEldik

Heroes to Whores,
Rights to the wars,
Babies to trains,
love to the pain,
See the Bush for the trees,
War for the peace?
War for freedom?
Control for dummies...

I see you standing,
and you're solemnly swearing,
to tell the truth, the whole truth,
It's nothing but a lie.

Engine to feel,
Mind over steel,
Seger to Chevy,
Kashmir to Puff Daddy,
Mothers to engines,
Lovers to Vengeance,
Christian to righteous,
us to you,

I see you standing,
and you're solemnly swearing,
to tell the truth, the whole truth,
It's nothing but a lie.


Written By: Terence Katerynych

So much better,
Walking with a solid stride,
Tripping over shit all day gets me down,

I've come to figure it out,
It comes around,
light and time and the sound, the sound....

I've seen this before,
It's like an open door that you can't step through,
You push on through,

Time in, move around,
Look behind you at how it moves on,
Look behind you at how it moves on,

Look behind you,
Look behind you.

Blood from a Stone

Written By: Shane Larmand, Ross vanEldik

"Take what you can,
and roll with the best of yourself."
A quote from a friend,
A natural born Kerouac.

It's been a long, long road,
And I think i'd have to say,
I got two more reasons to you do,
To raise my glass to happier days.

Blood from a Stone,
who'd have known we'd carry it this far,
Feel that tombstone shadow,
It's hangin' on your every thought.

There's fire in the water,
and the devil's in the woods'
I've got a funny, funny feeling,
A feeling that ain't so good.

Blood from a stone (x3)


Blood from a Stone EP

Set List

Originals: Blood from a Stone, Threshold, Heroes to Whores, Flywheel, Supernatural Mojo, One Step, You Only Die Once, Buckshot Woman, The Fuzz, Greyscale, Odd One Out, All the World's a Slave, Itchy Feet, Warcall, Skyscraper, Stirrin' the Soup (Las Babylon), Shakin' their Heads, Baby Train, Mortal Cycle Rider, A Little For Me, Young Sun, .22 and more on the way.....

Jimi Hendrix Medley: Will I Live Tomorrow/If 6 Were 9/Machine Gun, Rush Medley: Working Man/The Necromancer/The Spirit of Radio, Whipping Post (The Allman Brothers Band), Four Sticks (Led Zeppelin), Can You See Me (Jimi Hendrix), You Gotta Move (Blues standard), Ain't Nobody's Business (Blues Standard), Born on the Bayou (CCR), Mow 'em Down (David Wilcox) and many more to come....

We typically do one hour sets three times a night, but can adapt to nearly anything.