The Fire Sermon

The Fire Sermon


2 Rock and punk rock guitars, Heavy driving bass, thundering Bonham like drums, and vocals resembling Danzig and The Cult. The mood of the music ranges between mid tempo driving punk/metal to some more up beat pop style arrangements.


Since their inception in the fall of 1999, The Fire Sermon, a five-piece rock band from Santa Cruz, CA, had drawn influence from classic 70s hard rock such as Black Sabbath and Led Zeppelin and blended such sounds with well-formatted, high-energy songs and soaring vocals. The band has captured this unique sound on two EPs, the second on Lorelei Records, and gained a considerable following in the bay area, playing with such bands as The Supersuckers, Agent Orange, Alien Ant Farm, Nebula, TSOL, and The Catheters. During the summer of 2002, The Fire Sermon toured with Fat Wreak Chords' Good Riddance, demonstrating a striking ability to satisfy a diverse audience. The spring of 2003 finds The Fire Sermon undergoing an extensive recording project, one that will clearly place the band in the company of such contemporary acts as The Foo Fighters, Queens of the Stone Age, and Audioslave. With this recording complete, The Fire Sermon looks forward to sping West coast tour and US tour for the summer of 2004.


The Fire Sermon -(EP) Burn 1999
- Burn - KMBY 104.3 - mapleton commm.

The Fire Sermon - (EP)Freaks and Healers 2001
- Give it a Go - 92 KSJO - Clearchannel comm.
- Give it a Go - 103.9 SCX - mapleton commm
- Firefly - 103.9 SCX - mapleton comm
- Rock and The Rose - 103.9 SCX - mapleton.

Mapelton Communications Comp. - The Scene - 03
- So Far - 103.9 SCX - mapelton comm.

Love Lies Bleeding - Self Released 2004

Set List

Typical Set LIst - 50 minutes
- Nothing left to loose
- Majic Carpet
- Ah
- Beautiful Monster
- Love Lies Bleeding
- So Far
- Flower
- Surounded by Roses
- Ghetto Blaster