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If We Fail, We’ll Call it Art

FCII: We Will Bring You Champions



My best guess is that this all started somewhere around '96 or '97. At that point Brian and I had known each other (or at least of each other) since '87-'88. And I don't think we liked each other much at first, being natural rivals and stealing each other's drummers. But somehow, we formed some kind of weird bond that led to us playing and recording together informally (and left the drummers behind).

So, it started with what seemed to be a few silly pop songs and we each individually purchasing matching 4-track recorders, thinking we'd link up the 2 recorders to expand the tracks (we never did). However, record we did, and with a case of Becks, a toy drum set, 2 Radio Shack mics and a pair of yellow tinted sunglasses that screamed rock, we recorded "all the great lines". Incredibly noisy and drunken, the result was something that neither of us could stop listening to, our little return to where we both came from, the late '80s/early '90s guitar pop of Teenage Fanclub, Dino Jr, 'Mats, etc. Happy with the results, we tried another stab and came up with another pop gem, "alt. Coffee."

There were sporadic recordings afterwards, but nothing that seemed to stick around. The funny thing was that we never released these, but thru traded tapes, the songs had made the rounds. Years later, when I was in North Carolina playing the WeFest with Aviso'Hara, I remember Brian coming up to me (he came along for the trip) and saying that people were asking him about those recordings. Funny how things take a life of their own.

Things tapered off, Brian and I started The Hello with friends, songwriter Scott Pinnella, and drummer extraordinaire, Petey Christos. The concept was great, an internet-released song every week for a year. The execution was poor. The Hello died, Brian continued Pigeon, and I focused on the wrap up of Aviso, then went home to my little room with an acoustic and a recorder.

Come Winter 2002, Brian somehow ended up with a drum set and a PA in his basement. This led to get-togethers, 2-piece White Stripes style, just for fun. Recorded a few new songs (now 8 tracks!) and later brought in Robbie (ex Pigeon, Freaked Emotions, etc.) and all of sudden we're rocking the basement, trio style.