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"The Firmary Opens for Orgy at the Agora in Cleveland"

The Firmary took over after wards and wielded their take on the sound reminiscent of the early 80s mope rock days. Many of their musical moments had strong influences from The Cure, The Smiths, and even a little from my own beloved Joy Division. It seems that one of the greater challenges of music today is trying to pull off a down and depressing song without sounding whiny and weak. David Gahan's voice is too introspective and thoughtful. Morrissey came dangerously close to whiny but his voice is just too damn good. Robert Smith is...well, just Robert Smith I guess. Anyways, by those standards, The Firmary did quite well. There was a good mix in the moods of songs, the vocalist sang his heart out and moved around onstage like he was having the time of his life, and the guitarist made some creepy walls of noise (when the sound wasn't too muddy, which it was on some songs). The Firmary hits that delicate balance where they proudly declare their influences, yet don't sound TOO much like them, and stand out on their own as original artists. I hope these guys last quite awhile in the Cleveland area, and I hope to see them again.

taken from a review written by gollum on - domaincleveland


the little domain that could compilation-our song BlU Harvest was included.

cleveland-aint-it-fun compilation volume 4-a live version of our song Love And A Microphone was included.

The Firmary Live-seven live tracks recorded at the Symposium in Lakewood Ohio.



Multi-layered keys, brooding bass lines, pleading guitar riffs, and melodic vocal lines explode as an emotive, memorable wall of sound. This full-yet-accessible sound is found throughout The Firmary’s songs, painting the listener's mind with strong imagery. The Firmary’s goal is to take each listener on an audio journey through lush soundscapes, fictional galaxies, alternate realities all while dealing with life’s sometimes dark and harsh truths
The Firmary is an ever evolving project from Cleveland, Ohio formed by William Weaver and Douglas Esper. Shortly after forming they added longtime friend and bassist Michael Novotny. Sadly, the long grinding search for a steady and reliable drummer has produced sub par results, but William has provided his programming talents to the bands sound.
Without a steady drummer he band has not played out in sometime, but they have played several successful shows in the Cleveland area with bands such as: ORGY, GODHEAD, CLASSIC CASE, SHENOAH, and Dozen Dead Roses. The Firmary is writing and recording music with the end goal of completing their debut full length.