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This band has not uploaded any videos
This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Public Transportation Review"

Allison Bugg, "The one thing I can say about Public Transportation, Kent-based band The First Act’s recently released CD, is it made me laugh.

When I first sat down to listen to this 12-song disc — and keep in mind I knew very little about the band — I couldn’t believe my ears.--

I must commend the members for writing such sarcastic and entertaining lyrics." - Daily Kent Stater

"Feature of the First Act"

Seth Roy, "Their live show is entertaining, as their lyrics are funny, sarcastic and relevant." - Daily Kent Stater


Future Album:
Public Transportation. (current album availible charge by phone @ 330.524.5994 open 10-5 Pacific Standard Time) So add three hours to your time East coast kids.

Rough cut album:
Take One (home recordings distributed at live shows)

The Single all the kids want to hear:
Tour de Lance (a song about the world's greatest cyclist with the tagline, "Lance Armstrong, you've got it all wrong. Your name should be Lance Legstrong").


Feeling a bit camera shy


Subject 1: Visual Distinction.
The First Act live show revolves and evolves around the children’s drum kit played by Joe Drummer. Its placement creates a physical and symbolic stand against Big America (Hummers, Texas, Wal-Mart, Clear Channel, McDonalds, etc.)

Subject 2: Real Musicians?
No. The First Act makes no claims to musical skillmanship (except Joe Drummer who claims to have a predestined talent for percussion). They do, however, possess the ability to entertain and stimulate with their lyrically focused songs. Where most first acts achieve only levels of mediocrity, The First Act exceeds expectations through its theatrical stage antics and timely, socially conscience displays of sound.

Subject 3: Last Picked, First Loved.
The First Act is like the fifth-grade skinny kid who gets picked last to play recess kickball. With no expectations, he proves that smarts and heart can make up for any lack of athleticism because sometimes you just have to lay down a bunt. At the end of the day, all the cool kids have thoughts of befriending him, but usually don’t. Girls still like him, though.

Subject 4: Chemistry.
There is an undeniable chemistry amongst the First Actors. Although the live show is their focus, they also make records. Their first studio album, “Public Transportation,” is availible today. In both situations, they are less musicians and more social commentators. They wear their thoughts and beliefs on their short sleeves. They are exactly as they appear: Small drums, progressive ideas.

Subject 5: Influences.
Filmmaker Wes Anderson, NPR, cycling as a hobby, the Mountain Goats, the Weakerthans, and abstract expressionism.