The First Line

The First Line


The First Line reunites Roll with Rock. Taking influence from Blues, Folk, Classic Rock, Jazz, et cetera, we create the music we adore. We are teenagers making music that crosses generations and social groups. In The First Line, you will not find any preconceived notions about image, or content.


"Aside from fulfilling that hunger for music, one of my major goals is to keep learning. There are infinite learning opportunities in the music world, and to continue to approach that vastness is always exciting and definitely rewarding."

"The person who has influenced me the most is my current band teacher Clarence Acox. He has been extremely supportive and I have learned so much from him. To play jazz in his band is such a rare oppurtunity and I feel very fortunate. Playing jazz teaches me a lot about rock drumming as well. The drummers of jazz such as Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich and Art Blakey are the best drummers who have ever lived. They by far out play Neil Peart and John Bonham whether you want to believe it or not."

"I don't create music just because it's fun or entertaining, I actually need it."

The First Line is a young music group from Seattle comprised of Joey Shaw, Tyler Morgan, and Jake Linde. Joey grew up in a musical family and started playing piano at a young age. But when he picked up a guitar, piano lessons soon became a thing of the past. Tyler was born into folk music with his family band The Cutters. He started playing the bass guitar at nine years old. Tyler and Joey had known each other as classmates for years, but were finally able to connect through music. In 2003 they began playing together weekly, and ended up busking on the streets of downtown Seattle. They played the music they loved, from Bob Dylan to Santana. They played it for friends, family, and complete strangers, and they began to hear more and more of their own sound. One thing was missing: they needed percussion to complete their music.

Jake Linde was a friend of Joey's at Seattle's Garfield High School, but he was only known as the Jazz Band’s trombone player. Jake introduced his drumming and it was exactly what they were looking for. When the three of them blended their musical histories together, what they found was The First Line.

The First Line started out covering bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, learning from each other's music and poetry. Their oldest song (2005) is "Timebound Boy" and they have been creating more and more originals since, and they released their debut album, "First Flight" in April. It was recorded at Cavedweller Studios.

The First Line is known locally for performances at NW Folklife Festival, MOHAI, Othello Park, Fisherman's Restaurant, Comencement Bay Maritime Fest, and more. Their songs are influenced by the artistic quality of the music of the sixties and seventies. The First Line’s music is poetry, humanity, spirit, and rock & roll.


Winter, 2006: We made an audio flyer with early versions of "What Happened to Rock & Roll?" (aired on Rustin Thompson's "Road Songs" KBCS 91.3) and "Timebound Boy" which are our two oldest songs

Spring, 2006: We released a Demo CD called "Live at Studio Seven"

May, 2007: "First Flight" is our debut album we just released and "John Henry" has also been played on "Road Songs" KBCS 91.3

Set List

Originals on First Flight:

What Happened to Rock & Roll?
How Cold It Is Today
First Flight
Ballad of Jenny
Thought I Had You Once
Timebound Boy
Mortal Blues
Looking Back

Newer Originals:

My Song
What You Say You Will Do
Singing Loud
Mother, Are You Weeping?
[and one new untitled song by Joey]

(13 originals with more on the way)

Traditional Renditions:

John Henry
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad

Renditions (Our Own Twist On Each Song):

Fortunate Son
Born On The Bayou
Hey Joe
Going Down The Road Feeling Bad/All Along The Watchtower
Soul Sacrifice
Black Dog

Our More Rehearsed Covers:

Red House
Little Wing
Seven Bridges Road
I Shall Be Released
Mama, You Been On My Mind
Ramblin' Man
Hey Jude
Proud Mary
Sweet Emotion
Born To Be Wild
The Weight
Jet Airliner

The First Line's set is flexible in order to suit the performance. We usually play shows ranging from 30 min. (six songs) to 90 minutes (about 20 songs). We have perfor