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"The First Line Rocks Museum"

Local up-and-coming band The First Line performed Saturday, April 7 at the Museum of History and Industry to celebrate the release of their debut album.
When I was asked by a friend to accompany her to the show, I was hesitant. Since I have previously attended high school band performances, my expectations were low. The First Line however, blew me away.
The band is made up of three talented musicians: Tyler Morgan (vocals, bass) of Nova High School, Jake Linde (drums) and Joey Shaw (vocals, guitar) of Garfield High School.
Not even 18, they put out music reminiscent of classic rock roots, showing evidence of influences such as Jimi Hendrix, Bob Dylan, and Creedence Clearwater Revival.
Tyler and Joey, whom each have their individual sound, are able to harmonize beautifully on songs like 'What Happened to Rock & Roll?' with Jake supplying the ever-important rhythmic backbone. They write all of their own songs.
They are also multi-talented. I was in awe when Shaw set down his electric guitar only to replace it with a twelve string acoustic. These boys are well worth a listen and definitely worth the five dollars it cost to get into the show. - The City Collegian

"Thirsty for The First Line"

You've heard your friends talk about them. You saw them playing in front of Westlake Center as you made your way to Nordstrom. You even saw the girl in front of you at the never ending line at Ezell's wearing a black t-shirt plastered with their band name and pictures. But do you really know them? If you don't know yet, go introduce yourself because The First Line is doing big things.
...The First Line is about to be added to the long list of Garfield alumni making history.
...The First Line's concert at El Corazon showed just how much these three '08 boys have in store for them. With innovative lyrics and catchy beats, The First Line drew a crowd from all different walks of life. Whether it was the quintessential hippie mom, her dried out braids singing as she swayed soulfully to the music, or the love-struck pre-teen posse of girls, stomping their Sketchers and shrieking as one of them swore that The First Line was singing for her and her alone, they all seem to have one thing in common: they just couldn't get enough.
...A second album will no doubt be filled with the quality, classic rock sound that The First Line is becoming known for. With Joey on guitar, Tyler on bass, and Jake on the drums, The First Line has a sound so mature that it seems as though they have been playing together for decades.
But their instrumental sound isn't the only thing at which The First Line excels. With voices that sound made for one another, the harmony that Joey and Tyler create only enhances their already stellar lyrics. With many of their songs featuring verses such as: "I can't tell the difference anymore the music has gotten so cold, they sold a billion albums but they want to sell more, what happened to rock & roll?" The First Line is taking a stand. They are writing fresh, original songs that are actually saying something.
So show some love for one of our own and go to their concerts. Better yet, buy their t-shirt or albums. Who knows? Maybe Jimi Hendrix won't be the biggest rock musician to rock the purple and white. - The Garfield Messenger

"The First Line"

The First Line wastes no time stripping their music right down to the bone. With echoes of Creedence and Nick Drake, the three members of this Seattle band ground their original songs in spare vocals, crisp guitars and a rootsy sense of rock history. When George Bernard Shaw said youth is wasted on the young, he wasn't talking about these guys. - Rustin Thompson, host of Roadsongs, KBCS 91.3 FM, Seattle


Winter, 2006: We made an audio flyer with early versions of "What Happened to Rock & Roll?" (aired on Rustin Thompson's "Road Songs" KBCS 91.3) and "Timebound Boy" which are our two oldest songs

Spring, 2006: We released a Demo CD called "Live at Studio Seven"

May, 2007: "First Flight" is our debut album we just released and "John Henry" has also been played on "Road Songs" KBCS 91.3



"Aside from fulfilling that hunger for music, one of my major goals is to keep learning. There are infinite learning opportunities in the music world, and to continue to approach that vastness is always exciting and definitely rewarding."

"The person who has influenced me the most is my current band teacher Clarence Acox. He has been extremely supportive and I have learned so much from him. To play jazz in his band is such a rare oppurtunity and I feel very fortunate. Playing jazz teaches me a lot about rock drumming as well. The drummers of jazz such as Elvin Jones, Buddy Rich and Art Blakey are the best drummers who have ever lived. They by far out play Neil Peart and John Bonham whether you want to believe it or not."

"I don't create music just because it's fun or entertaining, I actually need it."

The First Line is a young music group from Seattle comprised of Joey Shaw, Tyler Morgan, and Jake Linde. Joey grew up in a musical family and started playing piano at a young age. But when he picked up a guitar, piano lessons soon became a thing of the past. Tyler was born into folk music with his family band The Cutters. He started playing the bass guitar at nine years old. Tyler and Joey had known each other as classmates for years, but were finally able to connect through music. In 2003 they began playing together weekly, and ended up busking on the streets of downtown Seattle. They played the music they loved, from Bob Dylan to Santana. They played it for friends, family, and complete strangers, and they began to hear more and more of their own sound. One thing was missing: they needed percussion to complete their music.

Jake Linde was a friend of Joey's at Seattle's Garfield High School, but he was only known as the Jazz Band’s trombone player. Jake introduced his drumming and it was exactly what they were looking for. When the three of them blended their musical histories together, what they found was The First Line.

The First Line started out covering bands like Creedence Clearwater Revival and The Jimi Hendrix Experience, learning from each other's music and poetry. Their oldest song (2005) is "Timebound Boy" and they have been creating more and more originals since, and they released their debut album, "First Flight" in April. It was recorded at Cavedweller Studios.

The First Line is known locally for performances at NW Folklife Festival, MOHAI, Othello Park, Fisherman's Restaurant, Comencement Bay Maritime Fest, and more. Their songs are influenced by the artistic quality of the music of the sixties and seventies. The First Line’s music is poetry, humanity, spirit, and rock & roll.