The First Loves

The First Loves

 London, England, GBR

The First Loves are a trio of guitar, bass and synthesizer. We use a drum machine to recreate the simplistic Marychain era four to the floor. A rave inspired dance kick, along with driving basslines form the backbone of our songs, engulfed in a cavernous haze of reverb heavy guitar and vocals.


The First Loves are London based Christian Ford, Tom Ramona and Steven Weston.

The band has its roots in West Yorkshire where lead singer Christian and his younger brother Alex started writing songs together. Relocating to London in 2008, they met Swedish born bassist Tom, and Ladyhawke keyboardist Steven. Bonding over a love of Echo & The Bunnymen, Bowie and Lo-Fi DIY ethics, they started writing and recording tracks together in Steven’s basement.

Musically, they combine cavernous pop melodies and reverb heavy guitar with primal beats eerily reminiscent of Psychocandy era Marychain. Influenced by old rave tunes as much as an obsessional collection of Factory records, the emphasis on their music is simplicity. Each note has its place, a meaning and a reason.

Though early on in their musical career, the band have already created a buzz in their adopted home of East London, described as 'shadow-pop' by the highly influential blog Transparent, who quickly took an interest in the 'haunting and hurting' sounds of their track 'Sweet Cliché'.

The recent death of original member Alex Ford, has undoubtedly left a mark on the band, yet spurred them on to continue, his influence ever present in their honestly troubled lyrics, tales of love lost, neurotic fantasies and despair at the banality of the everyday.


Radio Airplay;

'Sweet Cliche'

Set List

Asleep At The Wheel
The Same
Sweet Cliche