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BRANTFORD, Ontario, Canada

BRANTFORD, Ontario, Canada


TORONTO, Ontario, Canada

TORONTO, Ontario, Canada


Burlington, Ontario, Canada

Burlington, Ontario, Canada

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This album is an ode to the old saying " don't judge a book by it's cover". At first I was reluctant to even listen to the disc because of the unfortunate choice of cover art - a sharks head with a black background. Also contributing to my hesitance was the song title "I've Got An Anthem", as I am convinced that there are far too many anthems in exsistence already. As it turns out, The First Time's debut disc It's On, has become my favorite CD, at least until I have to return it ( long can I avoid my editor....?)

This is the first album I've reviewed, which I believe would actually be thoroughly enjoyed by the majority of students here at LU. It sounds kind of like Montreal's See Spot Run meets Alberta's Nickelback, if you can imagine that combination. It falls well within the sound of what has been deemed popular ( think good rock, not poppy Britney Spears at all), yet still manages to make that wound there own.

The only criticism that I can think of to mention is the very reason why I didn't pick this CD up at first, the cover art selection. This was the only bad decision the band made while working on the record. The selection of this British producer was an excellent choice. Warne Livesey, Juno Awawrd Nominee and West Coast Music Award recipient has worked with other artists such as Matthew Good, Midnight OIl, 54-40, and Holly McNarland. I was impressed to see one of my all-time favorites on that list (but I'll let you figure out which one it is).

The group opted to use Livesey because of their gut instinct, and because they all knew how good Matthew Good's CD sounded (although they didn't like the actual music). It must be mentioned that It's On does sound really good, but in this case, so does the music.

You might recognize the band if you're a fan of ESPN, Sports Net, or the X-treme Network, as The First Time's lead single "New Day Dawning" has been adopted by those networks. If you don't watch those networks, then at least give this band and this record a chance, I think you'll really like them. I honestly believe that this band is on the verge of being really popular.

Overall rating: 8 1/2 out of 10
DESCRIPTION: Good quality, great sound, potentially popular, worth your money. - Lakehead University

Featuring former Soap Opera members Stacey Washington and Manfred Sittmann, The First Time are a hard-charging band with a sharp alterna-punk edge but retaining the melodic songwriting that made Soap Opera's tunes so enjoyable.

This three-song EP is merely a taste of a full album that's still to come later this year. "New Day Dawning" and "Hit The Ground" are both pretty hard driving songs, yet hooky enough to stick in your head. The best, however, is "Why Do You Do This To Yourself," a more laid-back number featuring chiming guitars and backup vocals from Emm Gryner. When the band brings out its more melodic, poppy side, as on this song, their strengths really begin to show. I hope there's more like this one on the finished record.


Third band is The First Time, a hard-driving punk band with something intangible happening. After making a buzz in 2005 on the Toronto Indie scene they underwent some personnel changes and have emerged with Ron McJannet fronting the band. If their success is predicated on his continued growth then they have a chance because he commands the stage well now and has the chutzpah to make an impression.

He opens the show with an a capella version of Dorothy Fields' If My Friends Could See Me Now, as dry-ice fog envelops him he belts it out like he was Judy Garland. Attention grabbing, but no gimic, it's a fun and powerful one minute intro. It accomplishes much more in my mind... you gotta respect kids who respect the history of music. The set showcases songs from their new release, TakingBreakingDown. Can-con highlight of the night...a cover of Gordon Lightfoot's Sundown that you would not believe. - DYLONMANIAC

I could easily go with the typical the first time I heard The First Time intro but I’ll spare you the cheese. I listened a first time then I let it continuously play for awhile because their music is solid and skilled. They sound confident in their approach and truly bang out some serious licks mixed in with some poppy bliss. The First Time is known for their extraordinary live shows packed with lots of energy and a top level performance. With their new album “TakingBreakingDown” recently out in the U.S.; the band looks for new found success in the states. They are extremely popular in Canada with nominations for Best Alternative Rock Band of 2007 for Toronto’s Indie Music Awards. With some strong guitar melodies and strong lyrics the album looks to make some noise and awaken some spirits. Oh Canada, you got something going on here, and this is The First Time.

I took a listen to some songs off the new disc “TakingBreakingDown”.

What is this starts us off with an upbeat intensity that works with some jumpy lyrics that are solid. This song works at all levels and smoothly maneuvers throughout. Funky guitar and an aggressive sound make it a special track that is a hit.

With New Seattle, the band slows it down and shows its versatility. Here’s where their poppy sound comes in but the song remains strong. “No more songs about girls, the weight of the world comes crashing all around you.” Their lyrics are one of the many bright spots of the band and have yet to disappoint.

Perception has the energy and sound that truly represents the band. With their heavy rock rhythms and occasional chants, they bring up the tempo and rock it. They’ve convinced me here and I’m a fan of the sound they’re pushing out.

Touring for the new album, The First Time hopes to get rich on this. They got all the key elements in their four-man band to make it work. Strong rock and lyrics that compliment their sound they’ve made it better this time around. Check out their MySpace page for more songs and tour information. The First Time has been heard, Canada represent! - Indie In-Tune

Went to Cafe Campus last night to check out the local music scene. So last
night Montreal bands that played were in for a ride for the first time
literally. The First Time were visiting Montreal after kicking off their
Canadian tour in their hometown of Toronto(Yay!!). So this is what i have to
say about these guys. They were awesome and gave me the feeling that they
could be the next Three Days Grace out of Toronto. Their performance was all
there for a really good rock show. The whole band had the energy going from
the beginning. I really enjoy when The First Times vocalist Ron McJannet
(very good frontman on stage) started off the set accapella and then into
hard rockin song. The guitar playing was a great style of its own
originality mixed with a great rhythm section. You had to see this drummer
Stacey Washington just pounding away the snare and breaking drum sticks at
the same time he definitely added to the crowd pleasing of First time.
But,Real quick cuz i cant sit and write as much as i like to right now, they
just released their cd : Taking Breaking Down which was pretty good but the
live show of their songs kick even more ass than on cd. But my 3 choices for
you to check out off this cd are the New Seattle, their latest single What
is this(on radio across Canada) and Intentions. So check these guys out and
let me know what you think. - ASHER (asher media relations) - ASHER MEDIA RELATIONS

This is more of a power-pop rock outfit, but if you are looking for a group that could fill the spaces in radio between acts like Good Charlotte and Simple Plan this just may be what can do it for you. The three song introduction to the band is easy to listen to, and it's damn catchy at the same time. This Canadian four piece band really have all the pieces together and they should make headway when the first CD on Bullseye records is released. This brief introduction is more than enough to get me interested in The First Time, and make me a bit anxious for the full release.

The First Time's EP opens with what could be the first hit from the band, easily so. "New Day Dawning" is a catchy up-tempo track with probably the most edge on the EP. The other 2 tracks are good as well, but for pure individuality, "New Day Dawning" offers the best view of what the band has to offer differently than the rest of the pack. Manfred Sittmann's vocals are unique, and that in itself gives a fresh air from the band, they are not trying to "Be the next.... whoever" they really seem to be making an effort to be inimitable rather than a sound alike. So, bottom line, be on the lookout for this Canadian band at a record store near you, if the rest of the upcoming CD is anything like these three tracks it should be a great seller.
- Rikk Matheson

I had a rock writer come up to me in a bar one night seven years ago and inform me in a spittle-flecked rant that rock 'n' roll was "finished" and would never recover from the electronica revolution. So I just wanted to send a little friendly derision his way; and to point out that even a Canadian modern rock band with classic rock leanings on a minor label can be swept up in the current wave of creativity. The First Time joins the party with a hint of Replacements in the guitars and the grain of Manfred Sittman's voice. Or if not the Mats, then Buffalo Tom. Or at least the Goo Goo Dolls. I said a hint.


Around 2 p.m., the Canadian alternative rock band The First Time played the Jager stage. Their debut CD, TakingBreakingDown, wasn't released until Wednesday of this week, but they still managed to get the crowd on their side. They were one of the best new acts in Locofest this year. Not only was their music some of the best all day, but they knew how to put on a show. Their stage presence was awesome and if they are ever in the area everyone should go see them. - THE SUN CHRONICLE

The First Time are part of the legacy of Canadian bands inspired by Montreal's pop-punk god-fathers, the Doughboys. From beginning to end, It's On is blistering with pop melodies, gruff harmonies and a wall of guitars that would make the Goo Goo Dolls rethink their descent into top 40 obscurity. Songs like "New Day Dawning" ( a nod to Husker Du) and I've Got An Anthem" seem to suggest that as good as It's On may be, this is probably a band best seen live. Though many of their forefathers never received the airplay they deserved, there is still hope that The First Time can make their mark, and keep the legacy of bands like the Doughboys alive and well. B.D. - THE RECORD


"TakingBreakingDown" - RELEASED JUNE 2007






After ushering in the new year with a bang in front of a near capacity crowd at The Diesel Playhouse in Toronto, THE FIRST TIME got straight to putting the finishing touches on the tunes for their new album "TakingBreakingDown. The band, which includes Ron McJannet on vocals, James Whitton on guitar, Stacey Washington on drums, and Norm Petroff on bass, recently completed recording at Toronto's Phase One studios. The production duties were handled by Canadian music icon Andy Curran ( Coney Hatch, Soho 69), and 2006 Juno Award winner, Vic Flourencia.

The new disc, which includes more of the melodic, guitar driven hard rock that garnered THE FIRST TIME a 2005 Toronto Indie Music Award & a nomination in 2006, will be followed by extensive touring, including a return trip to Japan.

With their growing legion of fans, a killer new album and an always full out high energy stage show, THE FIRST TIME are poised to make their mark on the music industry.


Around 2 p.m., the Canadian alternative rock band The First Time played the Jager stage. Their debut CD, TakingBreakingDown, wasn't released until Wednesday of this week, but they still managed to get the crowd on their side. They were one of the best new acts in Locofest this year. Not only was their music some of the best all day, but they knew how to put on a show. Their stage presence was awesome and if they are ever in the area everyone should go see them.



- The single “NEW SEATTLE” hit #1 on the “Top Uncharted Spins” on Sirius Satellite Radio

- 5 songs currently being used by The Fight Network on their new series “ROUGH”

- Nominated as “best alternative rock band” for the 2007 Toronto Indie Music Awards

- Nominated as “Best Rock Band” 2007 Ontario Indie Music Awards

- Current singles on over 30 commercial & campus radio stations across Canada

- New disc “TAKINGBREAKINGDOWN” spent 14 weeks on the Canadian Campus Charts

- Entered the ROCK 106 “hall of fame” in Alberta by being the first band to ever 5 straight listener vote cage matches beating, BON JOVI, TUPELO HONEY, HOT HOT HEAT, 30 SECONDS TO MARS, & BUCK CHERRY

- Song currently featured on “Painkiller Jane” airing on the Sci-Fi Network

- Song featured on Playboy Channel’s “Jenna’s American Sex Star” season finale

- Songs also featured on Sportsnet and The X-Treme Network