The First Times

The First Times

 Seattle, Washington, USA

70's powerpop. Fun danceable songs ranging in influence from the likes of Thin Lizzy to Tom Petty. Four on the floor with infectious melodies sets a perfect backdrop for lead singer Shane's distinctive voice and charm. Most heard phrase after shows; "You guys are going to be HUGE".


Shane Herrell (lead vocals, guitar) fronts this powepop outfit with a little help from his friends. Wayne Draves (bass), Travis Morrison (rhythm guitar), Brian Papenfuss (drums. percussion), and newest member Jason McAllister (backing vocals, tambourine) They've all played in a number of local Seattle bands including The Knast, The Spits, Spook The Horse, Virgin, and Hallways.

Shane and Travis worked together at a local pizza joint and began meeting up late after work to jam and write songs. With pizza and beer as their muse they quickly had a set of material. Brian and Wayne (also lovers of beer and pizza) were enlisted and soon the four (now five) were out playing shows.

The sound is a newer breed of powerpop, clearly influenced by 60s British mods like Small Faces, The Kinks, and The Rolling Stones but leaning heavier on the 70s artists like Tom Petty, The Jam, and The Ramones. The First Times' songs tell classic stories about life, from falling in love to the loneliness of over-indulgence. Catchy lyrics and melodic hooks are matched with upbeat rhythms and swagger meant for dancing.

The First Times recorded a self-titled debut full length with Steve E Nix from The Cute Lepers and The Briefs which was self-released September 14th 2010.


The First Times - Full Length. Released September 14th, 2010