The Fisher Kings

The Fisher Kings


The Fisher Kings are a new breed of rock, merging the tones and styles of classic rock with new rock such as Wolfmother, The Black Keys, and The White Stripes. With the strong and versatile vocals, inspired bass lines, and melodic riffs, they deliver accessible talent on record and at live venues.


Hailing from the outskirts of Detroit Rock City, Windsor, Ontario, Canada's The Fisher Kings are breathing new life into a seemingly stagnating genre - that of good ol' fashioned rock and roll. Applying modern rock risk-taking with tried and true blue prints, the three members of The Fisher Kings are creating sounds new, fresh, and inspiring that evokes memories of something distantly familiar.

In barely a year's existence, they have risen to the upper echelon of their own city's music scene, sharing the stage with such diverse acts as The Cult, The Trews, Amos The Transparent, Three Days Grace, The Unquiet Dead, and The Standstills. They been selected for such local festivals as Beaverfest and Fork & Cork Windsor, and graced just about every local venue that features original live music.

With the recent release of their debut self-titled EP (and a batch of new recordings waiting in the wing), this hard working trio are now setting their sights on bringing their Windsor-bred style of authentic rock and roll to new cities and landscapes, and taking The Fisher Kings out on the road in 2013.


The Fisher Kings released their first EP on Oct. 26 2012. It features 5 songs. The first single is called "Get Behind Me" and features a strong beat, catchy guitar riff, and a hooky chorus.