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The Fishermen Band

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | Established. Jan 01, 1999 | SELF

Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 1999
Band Pop Rock


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This band has not uploaded any videos



"Spotlight Artist: The Fishermen Band"

This week our featured artist are hometown heroes The Fishermen Band, who are powering through with a unique spin on the release of their future record, The River. With a new album on the horizon, they continue to dazzle their fans with their soulful live shows at venues all over DC. On the brink of releasing their newest single, “Explode” (due out January 21st), we spoke with Fishermen brother Lindsay Hough to learn more about what influences their sound, new music, favorite venues, and much more.
Who are The Fishermen Band?
Linds and Flip Hough at the core. We grew up together singing and writing songs…moved from DC to LA, to DC, to Austin, and back to DC. In those travels we’ve picked up bands and recruited the best talent we could possibly find in those areas. Been really lucky to have met and learned from some amazing people along the way. Right now, The Fishermen Band is as solid member wise as its ever been. We got Chris Compton playing the drums, but Chris also plays keys/trumpets, and sings with us(Chris plays with the Second Hand Ramblers, Pebble to Pearl, and BT). Brian Waitzman on Bass/ Lead Guitar(plays with Flo Anito, and the Music Men). Mike Vitale on the Saxophone( plays with Crowded Streets), Danny Davis on Trumpet( plays with Yellow Dubmarine), and recently we added Grammy winner Andre Leonard on Keys!
The Fishermen Band has a tremendous sound, full of soul and funk. Can you tell us who a few of your musical influences are?
Well, first, thank you VERY much! I hope we live up to that….
I think we are influenced by absolutely everything…you go through fazes, you have guilty pleasures, but at your core is what you were raised on. At our house, it was Mozart and Motown. Our mother Jolynne has been teaching piano from her living room our entire lives. She is a singer, an artist, and a music enthusiast. She’d play us records every day…stuff like Lionel Ritchie, the Jackson 5 (and Michael Jackson), and mostly Stevie Wonder. Our stepfather Louis was an accomplished concert pianist (one of the best in the world) who toured Europe and studied at Oxford. He was constantly playing Mozart, Bach, Beethoven…Mom and Lou are hands down our biggest influences. But also, we listened to a lot of: The Beatles, David Bowie, Billy Joel, Indigo Girls, and a lot of old school Jazz like Milt Jackson, Oscar Peterson, Bird, Dizzy, etc..and newer jazz like Herbie Hancock, Pat Lee, and Paul Bollenback.
Your band has played over 200 shows in the DC area and have many more lined up for 2012. How do you keep it fresh with every set and venue you play here?
Honestly, I have no idea. I think we’ve just been doing it so long that 3+ hours of music on consecutive dates is the norm. Its hard to imagine a life where you just go play an hour and a half, and you’re done for the night. Most places we play, we play all night long so we have to plan for each room. We have a large repertoire so we pick songs for the room and switch it up so things don’t get flat.
In terms of performance? We’re professionals. We hold ourselves at a higher standard, block out the outside world, and get it on 100% no matter what is going on. We practice hard, and we represent ourselves and our music well. We want people to get their time and moneys worth …We want you to leave the show feeling like you’ve just had the best night of your life. And, if you’re gonna be among the best- you have to be the best version of yourself always. the familiarity with your hometown and its crowds make playing the shows that much fun and easier each night?
Totally. DC has been so good to us. Old friends, new friends…..our shows have become an excuse to gather. To connect with one another…we love being the reason people are interacting. DC is so compartmentalized, its hard to feel real community here. At our shows, we are all family and its just getting better!
Seeing as though you guys play multiple venues in the area, you’ve got to have some you love more than others. Any favori -

"District of Sound reviews The Fishermen Band @ DOS kickoff party!"

"The Fishermen Band played the District of Sound kick off party at DC9 rock club in Washington DC.
.With still one more band to perform it was going to be a challenge to close out with a set that could match the caliber of the first three performers. Fortunately for the audience, The Fishermen Band were the headliners and up for the challenge. The band recently moved back from Austin, Texas, having toured the country, stopping for now in DC—lucky for us. Listen to any of their songs like “Right There With You” or “Today” and you’ll hear just how unique, fanciful, and organic their music is. With original sounds and a commanding stage presence you can’t help but listen to them and find yourself suddenly wanting to become a groupie. Looking around the audience there were nothing but laughs and smiles all around. Without missing a beat the crowd then began to dance—it was the perfect ending to a great show." D.O.S

SB review by Ray Ray, "first hand, front row" The show was as magnetic as live performances get, and just as personal. In a loud packed stuffy second story dc nightclub, The Fishermen Band hooks the audience with a tasteful jazz/reggae tune. We are enamered with perfectly clear harmonies, and interesting dynamics. The next 4 songs are similar in energy, and the crowd appreciates it. The entire occupancy is bouncing wildly, and screaming loudly for the Fishermen Band. From my view, its as if the band is playing in front of a mirror- their moves are easy, comfortable- and they are so well rehearsed, the music comes off seemingly exactly how it is supposed to. The band brings it down for a softer slow song. This is usually death in this atmosphere, but the hearts and minds are theirs- and you cannot hear anything in this room other than what the Fishermen Band wants you to hear. Im not a fan of the song but i love how this band delivers. Their faces are sullen, their voices are clear, and the crowd is entranced. Over the coarse of 45 minutes, this band wins hard. I have never seen a group come through a showcase and take over the night. The crowd chants "encore encore encore" and i am right there screaming with them! A+ for performance quality. A+ for vocal clarity, perfect tone, and harmonies(often 3 and 4 parts, which was really something to see) A+ for boasting an all original set. Love these guys!
~Ray Ray -

"LP finds local band is tops in hearts and minds of Washingtonians"

Marc Penn LP editor/reviewer/writer/producer via LP Review and MPMediablendr: "Anyone that knows music in DC knows that there is a decided lack of music venues in the DC area. And i mean almost none, even in comparison to smaller cities like Frederick, MD(less than 1/6 pop of dc). DC is not a music town, but for those that are able to make a name for themselves here, to the victors go the spoils. Local favorites get to play the ballparks, the big venues...they get to be on the news and radio. They get to play congressional balls and make a solid living. But, only if they can afford to be a musician in one of the wealthiest and most expensive cities in the world. So, here at LP we look to highlight these champions of endurance of pain and suffering! Today, I'm talking DC music and i am proud to give you local natives(survivalists) The Fishermen Band! You're going to hear of them soon, so go ahead and write it down if you haven't, but mark my words: when this band finally breaks, their local celebrity will be engraved forever. One thing DC does great, is hopelessly love and care for their local celebrities. Its sad actually....So desperate for a winner, or just to have good shows to go to that dont cost $600! Ask any DC kid about Fugazi or Chuck Brown. And for the 1% this kind of hometown affection awaits. That is exactly what i've noticed about The Fishermen Band. I saw them this past week at Nationals Stadium for the post game show in the Bullpen and for my review today, I'm only going to give you what you need to know; the music in this city is alive and well and bands like The Fishermen Band give actual meaning to it. Thats the extent of my review. Thats all you need to know. This bands greatness is in how they held together and stayed together for so long. Currently at 16 years..... Not because they boast one of the best live shows in Washington. Not because they have been here for the duration, and not because going to a Fishermen Band show in DC is now likened (as one fan put it) to eating at Ben's Chili Bowl." Its because they LASTED. They took 16 years of this towns indifference to anything artistic, and STAYED. We should all pause on that.... Now, what are you seeing? Whats the hub bub? I feel like live shows always disappoint me.... with live music in general theres good moments for every band. But for the most part the original bands i hear are just regurgitating the previously regurgitated blues folk rock of Black Keys notoriety. Or worse, are unable to control their sound. Its not new. And what i'm always hoping for, is to see that band that makes me go "Wow!" giggle and jump out of my seat. What the Fishermen Band does on stage is mesmerizing. PERFECT HARMONIES and ever changing genres. Reggae, Folk, then Slamming Funk, then dramatic Rock. I danced for 3 straight hours with a crowd of about 9,000 other people today. It was one of the best days of my life.I'll see you at the next one, bring $5 for their CD, its the only way to get their music:) " - LP Music Review


*"Invisible Thickness Vol. 1", by The Fishermen Band. Release date: November 2004 (C) 2004 AmericanSoul Records; Austin, TX

**"Vision" by The Fishermen Band. Release Date: January 2010
(C) 2009 The Fishermen Band. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody

***"The River" By The Fishermen Band Release Date: Installment Album 2012, 

  1. "Explode" Released Jan 21st, 2012

  2. "The Story" Released Feb 12, 2012

  3. "Everytime (Redux)" Released March 1st, 2012

  4. "DinoFish"  Released April 21, 2012

  5. "My World" Released May 14, 2012

  ****"SOMEDAY" Single. Released May 2013 iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,Pandora

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   Brother duo Lindsay and Phillip( Flip) Hough have been writing music together since childhood, singing harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkle and the Beatles.  The Hough brothers music journey is a long and glorious tail filled with travels far and wide in America. Spreading their soulful DIY, OG musicianship, clear harmonies, and iconic songs across this great land for more than 16 years! From DC, to California, to Austin, and back to DC - The Fishermen Band have built an impressive resume and supported bands including Maroon 5, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, John Popper, The Grooveline Horns,  New Riders of the Purple Sage, 3rd Eye Blind, Charlie Daniels Band, and countless others at some of the top music venues in the US. Widely regarded as one of DC's most popular native bands, they are beloved in the metro area - playing most of the local festivals and are regularly played on local DC/Baltimore radio and television. In 2014 the band was nominated for two Wammies  (Washington Area Music Association) for their hit single "Someday" capping off a 3 year 360 show blitz that saw the band hit NYC and Baltimore, and a spot at 2014's Battle for Shindig in which TFB competed to open for Jane's Addiction, Gogol Bordello, Clutch, and a slew of others. Although not picked, the band was reinvigorated and made their hometown proud with local performances and a renewed focus to keep raising the live music bar. TFB™s selling point is that there's something for everyone-  Reggae, Folk, Rock, Funk, Jazz, even A Capella Barbershop (the band has 4 singers who sing 4 part harmony and back up vocals).  Bookers of the band can expect apex musicianship, gear, and professionalism.