The Fishermen Band

The Fishermen Band

 Washington, D.C., Washington, D.C., USA

The Fishermen Band has performed across the U.S since 1999, supporting some of the biggest names in music. Thick rhythms over tight 4 part harmonies, horns, drums, thoughtful dynamics, and great songs- The Fishermen Band is original, fun, and solid live.


   Brother duo Lindsay and Phillip( Flip) Hough have been writing music together since childhood, singing harmonies reminiscent of Simon and Garfunkle and the Beatles.  The Hough brothers music journey is a long and glorious tail filled with travels far and wide in America. Spreading their soulful DIY, OG musicianship, clear harmonies, and iconic songs across this great land for more than 16 years! From DC, to California, to Austin, and back to DC - The Fishermen Band have built an impressive resume and supported bands including Maroon 5, Jimmie's Chicken Shack, John Popper, The Grooveline Horns,  New Riders of the Purple Sage, 3rd Eye Blind, Charlie Daniels Band, and countless others at some of the top music venues in the US. Widely regarded as one of DC's most popular native bands, they are beloved in the metro area - playing most of the local festivals and are regularly played on local DC/Baltimore radio and television. In 2014 the band was nominated for two Wammies  (Washington Area Music Association) for their hit single "Someday" capping off a 3 year 360 show blitz that saw the band hit NYC and Baltimore, and a spot at 2014's Battle for Shindig in which TFB competed to open for Jane's Addiction, Gogol Bordello, Clutch, and a slew of others. Although not picked, the band was reinvigorated and made their hometown proud with local performances and a renewed focus to keep raising the live music bar. TFB™s selling point is that there's something for everyone-  Reggae, Folk, Rock, Funk, Jazz, even A Capella Barbershop (the band has 4 singers who sing 4 part harmony and back up vocals).  Bookers of the band can expect apex musicianship, gear, and professionalism. 



*"Invisible Thickness Vol. 1", by The Fishermen Band. Release date: November 2004 (C) 2004 AmericanSoul Records; Austin, TX

**"Vision" by The Fishermen Band. Release Date: January 2010
(C) 2009 The Fishermen Band. Available on iTunes, Amazon, Rhapsody

***"The River" By The Fishermen Band Release Date: Installment Album 2012, 

  1. "Explode" Released Jan 21st, 2012

  2. "The Story" Released Feb 12, 2012

  3. "Everytime (Redux)" Released March 1st, 2012

  4. "DinoFish"  Released April 21, 2012

  5. "My World" Released May 14, 2012

  ****"SOMEDAY" Single. Released May 2013 iTunes, Spotify, Amazon,Pandora

     ^^$40,024.00 US Stock ^++ US Sales Data(as of 2013) MR;SLE//TFB equivalent order 80,972 downloads in 72 Month cycle. Change 2:'' released analytics of orders: 4/1/15 96,843