The Fitt

The Fitt


Loud rock music with catchy riffs that stick in your head. This band loves to play live.


It would seem most bands today try to squeeze into a genre or achieve a sound based on what is selling at the moment. The Fitt is not that band. With influences ranging from The Melvins & Butthole Surfers to Johnny Cash & Neil Young, their sound is not too similar to most new bands that are playing today. The Fitt plays music they like, with loud crushing riffs you can bang your head to. They've been called metal by some and punk by others, but theyve never claimed to be anything other than a loud rock band that plays loud riff driven rock music.


BLOW ME AWAY-CD-r-Self Released-2004
Though it was released on cd-r and sold at shows for $2 or whatever people could donate, "Bride of the Monster" and "It's the Joker" both recieved radio airplay from this disc and still do in Pittsburgh.

FIGHT-Split 7"-Self Released-2005

Set List

We keep our sets short. We usually never play over 20-30 minutes. Though we have about 25 songs that would come out to be over an hour long set, we like to mix up the songs and usually never play anywhere near the same set 2 shows in a row. We have songs that range from 55 seconds to 5 minutes. We only know one cover and we rarely ever play it at shows. Neil Young's "Down by the River" but we play it alot louder than the original. We hate bands that talk too much on stage. Your're there to play music, we believe in getting up there playing as loud and as hard as you can for 20-30 minutes like a kick in the face and leave them wanting more.
A "normal" set might look like this:
Good Golly
Bride of the Monster
Dry Skin
Perfect Lines
It's the Joker
What do I know
Bombs and Bats