The Fitzpatrick Incident

The Fitzpatrick Incident


The Fitzpatrick Incident is a positive hardcore/punk band from Toronto Ontario. We play fast, melodic punk music with heavy breakdowns and meaningful lyrics. We work hard to reach as many places as possible with our music and positive message while always sticking to a strict DIY ethic.


The Fitzpatrick Incident are six guys dedicated to making energetic, positive, heavy and driving music created in the hopes of redefining and reuniting a divided scene. Drawing together wide ranging influences and incorporating a variety of musical dynamics from these influences The Fitzpatrick Incident will make you rethink your labels and current thoughts on the trends of heavy music today. Lyrically, the two vocalists James and Jordy cover a wide range of topics that they believe should be addressed by the hardcore community today. Some of these topics include community, political awareness, local issues that affect them in their hometown (such as venues closing down and politicians lying), environmental issues that affect a more widespread audience as well as attempting to stay positive in a world that seems very bleak at times. Though The Fitzpatrick Incident prides itself as a band that can capture the spirit of hardcore on record, this band truely explodes on stage with a renowned positive and lively energy that has to be seen to believed. These six dudes want to bring back the fun in hardcore while still remaining relevent in heavy music and will capture your attention with their integrity and ambition.

We are all true dudes. We stand strongly beside DIY ethic and support the scene as much as anyone on the floor or at the front.


A Partisan Effort - EP
Released Nov. 2008
6 tracks, some of which can be streamed at:

Set List

We can play as long as 45 minutes however, we usually try to keep our sets under 30 minutes to keep the energy up and the listeners/viewers interested.

our set is constantly changing always including popular songs from the EP and new songs we're writing.