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Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF

Atlanta, Georgia, United States | SELF
Band Hip Hop A Capella


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The 5IVE - "The Quick Fix" [EP] (2009)
The 5IVE - "Substance Abuse" [Mixtape] (2010)
The 5IVE - untitled [LP] (2011)




The setting: Apache Café. Atlanta, Georgia.

The festivities were winding down. On this particular night, almost every microcosm of Atlanta’s underground Hip Hop scene had been represented on stage. Through all the rhyming and battling, five MC’s stood out. These five artists seemed to have the audience captivated with every syllable they spit. They all demonstrated microphone dominance… in five different ways… at five different times.

As the crowd filed out, into the chilly air of Atlanta’s night, one of the five MC’s (clad in a North Carolina Tarheels hat), says to another- “Yo, we need to form a super-crew, and just smash the whole scene with a mixtape.” The other MC wholeheartedly agrees. The rest is history…

Six months later, that proposed “mixtape” has morphed into a highly anticipated LP- as the five aforementioned MCs are sitting in an Atlanta studio- recording with the legendary DIAMOND D (of D.I.T.C. fame). At first glance, one would think that they’ve known each other since childhood. Their FiVe stories fit together like a jigsaw puzzle:

*Shred the Verbal Tongue is a North Carolina-bred lyricist whose range spans from thought-provokingly conscious to charismatically cocky. Songs like “Better Tomorrow” and “Oh Yeah” solidify his standing amongst the best in the ATL. With “Infinite Movement”, and the recent “Shred Season”, Shred’s catalog is as impressive as they come.

*His Dungeon Family brother, Jawz of Life is considered ATL royalty, and has been an Atlanta staple for over a decade, rocking shows locally and abroad (Bangkok, Thailand specifically). The mastermind behind 2002’s “Local Album of the Year”, JOL is a certified pillar in ATL hip-hop & is also 1/3 of the group Passport.

*One of the main attractions at Tru Skool Tuesdays is the MC battles. Ask anyone about the battles, and they will all mention the same name: KP. KP’s freestyle battle skills are legendary. He dismantles competitors with such blatant force, that it’s sometimes comedic. His latest mixtape, “Two Weeks Notice” has been receiving acclaim from fans and peers alike.

*One of KP’s biggest fans just happens to be one of his peers. His name: Snub Zero. Snub is a product of Cleveland, Ohio. Upon his arrival in Atlanta, he proceeded to build his reputation as a phenomenal lyricist and exceptional performer.

*In conversations about the top performers in Atlanta, his name is often mentioned, along with the name BIGREC. Also known as "BIGRECZILLA", the New Orleans native is simply a dominant force, period. In addition to making a strng name for himself as a solo artist, REC is the founder/ambassador of the “RHHIB (Real Hip Hop is Back)” Movement, and has released a series of mixtapes under the same name.

So, through 5iVe degrees of separation- these MC’s have formed an alliance. They call it The FiVe: Regular Everyday Generals Initiating Mic Excellence. While they are all still solo artists, their collective efforts are aimed at fostering a movement. Since its conception, the superpower known as The 5iVe has rocked alongside KRS One, Buckshot, Raekwon, Killer Mike, and Slaughterhouse. The forthcoming LP features tracks from 9th Wonder, Erick Sermon, MF’N Productions, Diamond D, D.R.U.G.S., and others. Fans have praised their on-stage chemistry and effortless camaraderie. Their songs “May-HAM”, “Unify” and the remixes for “Lyricism Lives” and “Real Hip Hop is Back” have the streets buzzing.

The 'Dominant Conglomerate' known as The 5iVe is a refreshing departure from modern-day Hip Hop’s normality. 5iVe MCs with 5iVe different styles and 5iVe different strengths, all converging on one goal.

When asked “Who’s the leader of The 5iVe?”, they respond IN UNISON: “We ALL are.” So as they prepare to take their movement worldwide, they laugh and reminisce about the night Shred first mentioned the idea of forming a crew to BIGREC. It seems like light years ago- light years that appear minuscule compared to what’s ahead…