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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


"Press Clippings & Industry Quotes"

“Breathe Deep might be the greatest recording ever independently released without the support of a record label.” - From the article “Five bands you don’t want to miss” – Go Triad Magazine 06/17/04

“When these guys pick up their instruments it’s like their picking up weapons – they’ll blow you away. Another thing this band has is dynamics. Cheebo’s melodic vocals soar over the raw, growling guitars, and double-bass drum licks fly between synchronized tom fills. The next minute all is quiet and the bass pumps the rhythm along while the drums cool down to carry the background. Tim Westemoreland lays down a syncopated rap and DJ Armstrong places in scratches and samples. Then the music builds and BAM, another full force cannon takes a blow at me. It’s immediately obvious that… they have been able to meld with each other like many bands, and often good musicians, are unable to.” – Lee Adams, Yes! Weekly 3/16/2005

“a true indie release of emo metal. What makes them stand out from the pack is the sampling and turntable play of David Armstrong.” - Stubble Musiczine, Issue 37

“Heavy guitar riffs with a hint of Tool tones infused with hip-hop for that Limp Bizkit vibe and guttural screaming with clean vocal harmonies for all the emo-hard-core fans. They also mix in spaced out trippy leads for all the heads in the house. What really makes The Five L’s different, though, is that they throw in a new twist of Red Hot’s style funk bass leads. It’s a mix that keeps you listening to see what will happen next. With all that and a well produced recording, this CD is one worth checking out.” – Prick Magazine (Volume 5, Issue 5) February, 2005.

“Five L's crank it to 10….chugging guitars and angry wails that more directly draw influences from Rage Against the Machine and Slipknot.” - The Ledger Enquirer, March 11, 2005 Columbus, GA

“Funk Metal, Turntables, Rap and Metal are ordinary bedfellows at this point, but The Five L’s doesn’t rest on gimmicks to impress. The best feature of this heavy crew is how often they switch up their style. Every song on their Breathe Deep CD reveals a new and different self.” – CityBeat, September 21, 2005 Cincinnati, OH

“…aren’t quite as heavy and grind core-influenced as Slipknot, and they don’t lean as heavily toward the rap aspect of rap metal like Limp Bizkit. In other words, they are a happy medium….” “…there is an interesting dynamic going on between the two vocalists.” - Alan Maready, Encore Magazine Wilmington, NC

“Love the music, especially the scratching and hip/hop feel to the Old Skool Metallica rifts. Very cool.” - (Australia)

“…the kind of music that makes you wanna’ grab somebody by their hair and rip it out of their scalp. I’m sorry, while listening to “Napalm Bomb” I had to go and beat the living pulp out of some people. Now I feel better thanks to The Five L’s. – Chris Horton on the 1/15/05 SLAB Music Radio Show broadcast (

“They remind me of a mix of say Snot and Incubus' S.C.I.E.N.C.E. CD. It's good stuff.” - A.M. "Rex" Donati, Head of College Promotion / Digerati; Howard Rosen Promotion, Inc.

“A Band that each day takes another step to becoming a huge national act." -
- Various


"What" (2000 Self-Release)
"Breathe Deep" (2004 Self-Release)

Compilation CDs:
“My Faith” on Southeast Exports 3 (2003; Knoxville, TN),

"My Faith" on The Best of 90 Minutes (2004; 106.5 The End Charlotte, NC FM radio station)

"My Faith" on Atlantis Music Conference compilation CD (2004; Atlanta, GA)

“I Am The Matador” on Skratch Magazine Indie Sampler Volume 2 (2005; Orange County, CA)

"Chest" on College Music Journal ON-AIR Vol. 007 (2005; NY, NY)

"Chest" on Jagermeister Ten Year Anniversay (April, 2005)

Four tracks on "No Mercy" (2004; Wausau, WI)

Two tracks on "Unleashed" (February, 2006; Wausau, WI)

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Feeling a bit camera shy


The Five L’s formed in March of 2000 with the purpose of forging an aggressive funk-metal band that would also have a hip-hop influence. Their core musical influences were Rage Against The Machine, Jane’s Addiction, old Metallica, Notorious B.I.G., Tool, and Alice In Chains. The band quickly sold over 4,000 copies of their debut CD “What” at club performances across North and South Carolina.

Originally The Five L’s had six members but grew to seven with the edition of David “Scoop” Armstrong (DJ). With manpower changes on guitar and drums the band began work on their second full-length CD “Breathe Deep” in December 2003 with Thomas Johnson of Porno For Pyros producing. The album was self-released in April, 2004.

With the power of this sophomore recording effort the band began to attract some national attention and sponsors (Jagermeister, JNCO, Everly Strings, Little John’s Tattoo), expanded their performances from their core base in North and South Carolina to play club dates in Virginia, Tennessee, Georgia, and Alabama, and was selected as one of the featured acts (out of 245 bands performing) at the 2004 Atlantis Music Conference. Their song “My Faith” was included on several CD compilations including Southeast Exports (Knoxville, TN), the Best of 106.5 The End (Charlotte, NC), and the Atlantis Music Conference compilation CD that was distributed to numerous record labels. A nationally distributed Extreme Motorcycle DVD entitled " No Mercy" (Wausau, WI) also featured four compositions by the band, and “I Am The Matador” appeared on a Skratch Magazine (Orange County, CA) compilation. Also, a College Music Journal (NY, NY) ON-AIR compilation CD featured “Chest.” In April, 2005 The Five L’s was honored by inclusion on a Jagermeister compilation CD celebrating the company’s ten year anniversary of Jagermesiter Music. The band has also been featured on XM Unsigned and recorded a 60-second promo used on various XM radio channels. The songs “My Faith,” “Planting Seeds,” “I Am The Matador,” and “Chest” were all voted Song of the Week and Song of The Day on in the space of an eight-month period. This remains an unprecedented feet no other band has yet achieved in the history of the prestigious music website.

By October, 2005 the band had opened for nearly two dozen national acts sharing the stage with Slipknot, Slayer, Sevendust, Stuck Mojo, Killswitch Engage, Mastodon, Clutch, NonPoint, Three Days Grace, Phunk Junkeez, 2 Skinnee J’s, Flaw, Switched, Twizted (Psychopathic Rydaz), Dying Fetus, Dope, Bile, 420 Monks, Mushroom Head, Fear Factory, Dog Fashion Disco, and Nocturn. With the help of Howard Rosen Promotion, Inc. (Van Nuys, CA) the band recently completed a national college radio campaign and a commercial radio specialty show campaign. The band also recently secured legal representation, a publicist, showcased at the prestigious MidPoint Music Conference in Cincinnati, OH (September 21-24), and is currently seeking management with strong music industry connections. The Five L’s have received preliminary inquiries from six major record labels and is currently recording material for their third CD. After receiving advice from several of these labels, the next CD will have a decidedly less hip-hop overtone. With this new direction David “Scoop” Armstrong left the band in May, 2005 to further pursue his business interests in (a hip hop webzine and beat making studio). In January 2006 Tim Westmoreland also left the band and was replaced by Cowboy.

Also in January, 2006, The Five L's had two additional tracks from "Breathe Deep" including on a second extreme motorcycling DVD call "Unleashed." This DVD is also in national distribution.

Band Profile:

In an industry teeming with unoriginal bands, The Five L’s strive to be different. The Five L’s seamlessly blend funk, metal, alternative rock, and hardcore. After five years of perfoming across the southeast The Five L’s have solidified their place as one of North Carolina’s premier bands.

Don’t just take our word for it though… The Five L’s are sponsored by Jagermeister (NY), JNCO Jeans (LA), Everly Strings (Burbank), and Little John’s Tattoo (Greensboro) and is working on other endorsement deals with companies that recognize the power of this group’s unapologetic message. They have shared the stage with nearly two dozen national acts, had music chosen for numerous nationally distributed compilation CDs and DVDs, was one of the featured acts at the 2004 Atlantis Music Conference, showcased at the Midpoint Muisc Conference in Cincinnati, conducted nation college radio and commercial radi specialty show campaigns, and attracted the attention of a half dozen major record labels as tracks from their sophomore recording “Breathe Deep” went to #1 on a couple of prestigious Internet music site charts.

“Breathe Deep” was produced and mixed by Thomas Johnson, a former member of Porno For Pyros who has recorded