The Fizzgigs

The Fizzgigs


The Fizzgigs are a 3-piece rock & roll band from Seattle. We play music that can be enjoyed by any generation. It is very straight-forward & relative to life in this crazy world. We have a lot of fun & pride ourselves in conveying this in our music.


The Fizzgigs play passionate rock & roll music about life, love, & fun. We all have slightly different tastes in music, and we all actively take part in the song writing process. We are influenced by a wide variety of music. These artists include: Paul Simon, Wilco, Incubus, The Beatles, Radiohead, Rolling Stones, & The Kings of Leon. The reason The Fizzgigs are unique is because we have a wide variety of music, we have a solid set, which we play with style, grace, & confidence, it easy to dance to, we play our souls out, and, most importantly, it's fun!


Where's My Karma : 9-songs
R.I.P. Felix : 6-songs


Set List

1) Rock & Roll 7) Through My Days 13) The Hunt
2) Wake Up 8) The One 14) Hangers
3) Somethong New 9) Dr. Marten 15) All
4) Story 10) 4th Of July 16) Cold
5) Wrong 11) Younger 17) Drastic
6) Hard 2 Tell 12) Angry Jane
Set Length: just over an hour,