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The Fizzies

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This band has not uploaded any videos


The best kept secret in music


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Contest Popularity (#17 most added at CMJ with airlpay at KCRW) released 2007 on Mariposa Music. Best Album of the year list at
New EP release "East Hollywood High" on Jan. 2010


Feeling a bit camera shy


Fresh off the success of their first full length album, "Contest Popularity", The Fizzies bring you "East Hollywood High", a reflective and introspective ode to the city and culture that have inspired the band and nurtured a new subpopulation of culture hungry scene makers If you've been in any big city for a reasonable amount of time- a few years at least- you've seen how neighborhoods can transform in the blink of an eye. Dirty warehouses become pricey lofts; taco trucks are kicked from their curbs for threatening overpriced chow houses; the neighborhood hardware store is consumed by the Home Depot. Yet in the burgeoning neighborhood of East Hollywood, the Fizzies are soaking up the vibes of Thai restaurants, Armenian coffee, Kobe slinging Korean taco trucks and late night happy hours and pumping out new tunes with classics grooves, swing beats and whistling. Glorious whistling. The Fizzies transcend jaded. They've gone past the need to be a part of the scene and have succeeded in making their own. The best thing about going to a Fizzies show is the unpredictability of the whole thing. New songs? New cutting views on gentrification and society? Or maybe you'll catch a night with a packed crowd of die hard Fizzies fanatics where you can't help but lose yourself in the pop frenzy. There is but one consistent thing about a Fizzies' show: .it's the euphoria you'll feel at the end of a set. Coupled with just a bit of reflective sadness for the end of compelling set of music, The Fizzies show is a don't miss. The Fizzies sound like a dance party with rock grooves. It's power pop with an East Hollywood flavor. Starting with The Who and "My Generation"; that progressive, upbeat tempo gives way to the irreverant likability of T Rex telling you to "Bang a Gong", Fast forward a couple years and you've got Fountains of Wayne name dropping every girl that ever did them wrong on "Traffic and Weather". Fitting right into this timeline is the get the feeling that this band has poured their hearts out to more than one girl. But like that goldfish that swims back to the top, The Fizzies don't blink when thinking about the staying power of their music, attitude and environment and consistently deliver tunes that'll stick in your head through your own romantic successes, missteps, and tear-filled facebook headlines. The Fizzies will be your buzzy California influenced sountrack for all the great events of your life. Tune in now.