The Flame Sky

The Flame Sky


Doom Jazz


Flame Sky is a band that defies categorization. Originally formed in the mid 90's out of a nucleus of gifted improvisers, the band has evolved from a polyphonic free-form fusion/ jam band inspired by the philosophies of Ornette Coleman and late period Coltrane into a hard hitting musical unit that continues to pay homage to its inspirations while integrating dynamic aspects from a broad musical palette. The band's sound is a unique synthesis that incorporates harmonic complexity with gut level deliverance; taking the musical listener on a journey that is one minute exotically intoxicating and searingly exhilarating the next. The band's current line-up exemplifies its best musical chemistry to date and represents the alchemical and essential elements that define its singular sound..


Live (2001)
3 Song EP (2002)
Studio/Live hybrid (2003)
*4 Song EP (2005)*

Set List

Featuring original music!!! and songs by: The Allman Bros. Beatles, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Jimi Hendrix, Led Zeppelin, Metallica, Pink Floyd, Santana, Thin Lizzy.... and other fine music!

Although we prefer to play our own music we also on occasion play select covers from the artists mentioned above..

We are accustomed to playing multiple sets each performance, ranging from 45min-1hr+ per set

Original Songs:

-The Price You Pay
-Only In Your Head
-B Minor
-And Eventually
-Wood Cutter *Instrumental
-China White
-Other Side
-Dragon *Instrumental
-The Maze
-We May Never Be
-So Much Left Undone
-Spirit *Instrumental
-The Creature *Instrumental
-Tree Hugger *Instrumental
-Heavens Gate *Instrumental