The Flamingo Brothers

The Flamingo Brothers


A global acoustic utopia.


Guitarists Steven McKnight and Paddy Anderson have been playing together as a duo since the summer of 2007.

Steven is an experienced musician with a background in rock, blues, jazz, classical and country styles. He is much in demand as a session player and tutor. Paddy has recently returned to Belfast after several years studying flamenco guitar in Granada, southern Spain. As the Flamingo Brothers, their two distinct styles fuse and interact to create a unique sound. Exciting Latin rhythms, intense melodies and high-energy percussion are combined in an unforgettable live show. Their first compositions have been popular with audiences: 'Connecting Flights' fuses Irish melodies with Arabian lines and blues licks, while 'Pineapple' blends powerful Spanish rhythms with euphoric techno riffs.

In the past 8 months, Paddy and Steven have played all over Ireland, exciting audiences with their blinding performances. Side projects have included working with reggae artist Natty Wailer as backing musicians in his live act, and accompanying the fantastic Andaluz flamenco singer, Aina. They recently recorded a session with the B.B.C. for Radio Ulster's 'Arts Extra'.


Upcoming EP, due for release in August.

Original material available for download on

Set List

A typical set ranges from an hour and a half to two hours of original material and unique arrangments of music ranging from Paco de Lucia and Manu Chao to BB King and Bob Marley.