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Highland Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE

Highland Park, New Jersey, United States | INDIE
Band Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"The Fletchers - Bright Blue Lights ("

The Fletchers have made an album that is confident, emotionally accessible, and encouraging. The opening cut "Above This" has precise drumming, and is awash with loud, but subtly interwoven guitars and harmonies. Staggeringly original and memorable music. Durable from start to finish, The Fletchers write convincing songs like "Fatty," "Disorder," and "Paris" that are filled with melody, energy, and intelligence. I don't know how much time they had to flesh out and refine these 12 songs in the studio, but the music doesn't falter one bit. A sigh of a band that should sound even better live! - Phil Rainone
posted by Jersey Beat at 5:35 PM
- Jersey Beat

"Melody Makers and Shakers"

Bright Blue Lights is a confident guitar-rock album that harks back not only to the British Madchester scene that was so influential on the Melody dancefloor but more, perhaps, towards the early music of America’s own R.E.M. and Husker Dü. The songs are strong, so are the performances. - - Fanzine by Tony Fletcher

"The Fletchers -Lights Out Loud - Review 3-1-10"

I could have sworn the only thing coming out of New Brunswick, NJ was the vomit shooting out of 2nd floor apartment windows like cannonballs over Hamilton Street after a night of partying, that is, up until the moment an old friend made me aware of a rock band called The Fletchers. They recently released their 2nd album Lights Out Loud, and from the moment of insertion (of the CD you scumbag!), the stereotypes of a repugnant college town cleared away like acne after being doused with Proactive. I can't guarantee that listening to The Fletchers will work wonders on that jock itch of yours, but hey, it's worth a shot!he Fletchers' Lights Out Loud ascends to heights that their debut album Bright Blue Lights did not. Lights Out Loud is a more focused outing and it's accessibility makes it apparent that the mind and the voice of The Fletchers, Gary Kaplan, has created possibly the finest work of his musical career. What makes Kaplan different from the host of other songwriters and lead singers coming out of New Jersey is that he's enjoyed success in bands before. In the '90s (the ancient times), Kaplan was the singer and songwriter behind two indie bands, Dandelion Fire and Rotator Cuff. His former bands have opened for other big name bands, and Rotator Cuff's video for "Alfa Romeo" scored airplay on MTV, way back when they still didn't play music videos, except for a little show at a hideous hour called 120 Minutes.

On Light's opening track, "Beaches," Kaplan's distinct voice almost seems too strong for it's airy background vocals and breezy, top down instrumentation, but it all comes together less than a minute into the song. Unlike the secretive Coca-Cola brand, The Fletchers formula comes right out of your speakers for you to savor. It's the juxtaposition of Kaplan's raspy voice, resonant backing vocals, and music provided by Dan Coffey on bass, Rob Freda on guitar, and Cliff Heaton on drums that provides quite an addictive blend.

Kaplan's wisdom from his invaluable exposure to the music business has undoubtedly helped The Fletcher's hone in on their signature sound. Fresh indie rock radiates from Lights Out Loud. Rob Freda's superb guitar work plays an integral role, but the tunes are also replete with fun choruses, harmonies, and other pop sensibilities. The band's influences can surely be detected, but The Fletcher's are not begging to be noticed by the similarities they bare to the groups they listen to on their iPods. Several reviews and critics have cited similarities ranging from Brit-Pop acts to XTC, REM, and The Kinks. A more prominent musical connection, at least to The Sexy Armpit's ear, is to another New Jersey rock band, The Smithereens. To be clear, The Fletcher's are definitely not a Smithereens tribute band, but if you punch "The Smithereens" into a Pandora playlist, The Fletchers may very well come up next.

Lights Out Loud was produced and engineered in Hopewell, NJ and mixed in East Brunswick, NJ.

The Sexy Armpit says Download these tracks: "Beaches," "Maybe," and "Wasted." - The Sexy Armpit- NJ Pop Culture

"Jersey Beat Reviews "Lights Out Loud""

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Jersey Beat’s Joe Wawrzyniak reviews Lights Out Loud:

“After a hard day’s work, nothing picks my spirits up better than listening to an album of straight-up catchy’n’crunchy no-nonsense rock’n’roll that gets right down to business and delivers the kickin’ goods with a winning blend of skill and energy. Well, this album certainly fits that particular bill somethin’ sweet: We’ve got clear and robust vocals, snappy and melodic arrangements, ringing guitars, persistent forward-ho drums, and concise songwriting that gets to the point without wasting a word. The songs alternate between full-bore rockers and more low-key and reflective numbers, but are always captivating and enjoyable. What’s not to like?”
- Joe Wawrzyniak


Heroes of Gravity (2011)

The Fletchers’ third album at times conjures the spirits of the Rolling Stones, the Black Crowes, and “Screamadelica”-era Primal Scream on standout tracks like “Believe It Then” and “I Can’t Wait.” A unique blend of American and British rock sensibility.

Lights Out Loud (2010)

The Fletchers’ second CD features standout tracks such as album opener “Beaches,” and the infectious “Hideaway House” and “Slow Dive,” reminiscent of XTC, Parklife-era Blur and Sugar, with subtle hints of Sonic Youth, Pavement and Foo Fighters.

Bright Blue Lights (2008)

The Fletchers' debut CD contains 12 songs by singer-songwriter Gary Kaplan that reflect a variety of influences with a distinctive style. The music shows a blend of American and British indie rock sensibility with unique sounding guitars, harmonies, and memorable hooks.



Hardly a year has gone by since the release of The Fletchers well-received sophomore album Lights Out Loud, yet with a third album, Heroes of Gravity primed for eager ears, this NJ-based indie-rock band isn’t slowing down. “We find inspiration in everything we do, and the past year has been a bit of a whirlwind,” said Gary Kaplan, the band’s frontman and guitarist. “It’s easy to write when there’s something real to tap into. We’ve grown as a band and we’ve become more tuned into each other’s experiences, so we’re drawing on a lot of that with this new album.”

Having become a more cohesive unit since forming in 2008, band members Kaplan, Dan Coffey (bass and backing vocals), Rob Freda (guitar) and Cliff Heaton (drums) collaborated to shape the ten songs that make up Heroes of Gravity. The album’s powerful, hook-laden melodies, tight harmonies and honest, passionate lyrics further showcase the signature sound that was forged on the first two releases – last year’s Lights Out Loud and 2008’s Bright Blue Lights. That sound, which melded influences ranging from The Who to Sugar, Velvet Underground to REM and XTC to Blur, helped win fans nationwide, charting on college radio and receiving praise across the internet thanks to websites such as Spin and PopVulture, popular streaming sites like Jango and several creative videos on YouTube.

Over the past year, The Fletchers have individually experienced some significant challenges, losses and triumphs, which have helped shape Heroes of Gravity.There’s been some heartbreak and some real joy, and this album really a bit of tribute to all of that,” said Kaplan.

Then of course, there’s the rock and roll, which for The Fletchers means their own unique blend of British and American rock sensibilities. Adding to the influences, Heroes of Gravity at times conjures the spirits of the Rolling Stones, the Black Crowes, and “Screamadelica”-era Primal Scream on standout tracks like “Believe It Then” and “I Can’t Wait.”

“Heroes of Gravity is definitely more of a collaboration that our previous albums, which I think maybe drew more from my own personal inspirations and influences,” said Kaplan, who previously found success as a member of 90s indie buzz-bands Rotator Cuff and Dandelion Fire. “Dan, Cliff and Rob are such amazing technical musicians. Over the last three years, we’ve gelled as a band and our sound is definitely benefiting from more of their creative input. Musically, this album is deeper and has more soul. We definitely think this album pushes us to the next level artistically and hope our fans are as inspired by it as we were making it.”

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