The Flight Station

The Flight Station

 Cincinnati, Ohio, USA

MTV? Major Music Magazine spots? Incredible live show? National Tours? Want more? Well get ready because once your ears catch hold of The Flight Station, their infectious tunes might not leave your head. This self built machine of pop/rock is quickly becoming a must see band!!!!


Just outside Cincinnati, in a cramped rehearsal space, there lies a not so well kept secret anymore. The walls thump, the windows rattle, and four young men pour themselves out onto the floor to ensure when they take the stage their fans are getting nothing less than the best performance. Borrowing their name from an extinct airport store, The Flight Station are hard at work writing, rehearsing, touring, and repeating the process.

Meeting as childhood friends, Corey Moore (vocals/guitar) and Corey Powell (drums) clicked almost immediately. Their affection for sports quickly transformed to a passion for music once Moore was introduced to the guitar by his father. Taking naturally to it, he soon began to write and needed more than just himself to find an outlet for this newfound talent. So he sat Powell behind a drum set and started rehearsing nearly everyday. A mere two weeks after playing together they played their first show at the age of just 15 for a crowd of over 500 people. One person in particular was blown away. After seeing their performance, Alex Wheatley (guitar/vocals) was hooked on the idea of joining the Coreys in their musical endeavour and soon after did just that. Jumping around genres for a while the guys finally found their sound when the song “California” was written by Corey Moore at the age of just 16. But songs like this took a backseat until the band was ready to showcase their metamorphosis to the world.

After recruiting Josh Roaden (bass) the band was finally ready to put out their first professional release in July of 2006 with the Falling Star EP. Working with highly acclaimed producer Dwight Baker, who has worked with the likes of Kelly Clarkson, they were able to finally mold their music into a six song bombshell that rocked their local scene. Shows became huge, their demand grew, and they soon found themselves on the road in support of the album. And that’s been the focus ever since. Writing music, touring, and gaining new fans every way they can.

After a very successful 2009 filled with placements on MTV shows like "The Real World", several DirecTV spots like on the "Dan Patrick Show", and a nod by Alternative Press Magazine as one of the top ten unsigned bands of the year, its easy to ask how will The Flight Station top themselves in 2010? How about by releasing two albums, touring more frantically than ever, and hitting every major radio station in the U.S.?

With the new year comes this Cincinnati quartet's most ambitious efforts as not only musicians, but as a band as a whole. With the first of two releases anticipated for 2010 they've joined forces with producer Jim Wirt who has produced the likes of Incubus, Hoobastank, Jack's Mannequin, Something Corporate, LIVE, and the Rocket Summer. "We're calling it a special project for our longest standing fans," Alex Wheatley explains. "We've given CPR to five tunes that people might be familiar with, but now they'll have in their head for a whole new tasty reason," he emphatically states. Reclaiming five tunes previously written, The Flight Station has taken a new twist and revamped some fan faves to hold them off until later in the year when the release of an entirely new album will be unleashed nationwide!

With four years as a band, two releases, and two to come this year, it'll be no surprise when 2010 becomes The Flight Station's breakout year!

Notable Venues played at:
The Metro (Chicago), Lakeshore Theatre (Chicago), Logan Square Auditorium (Chicago), The Elbo Room (Chicago,IL), Beat Kitchen (Chicago, IL) Cell Block (Mesa, AZ), Studio 111 (Flagstaff, AZ), Stir Youth Center (Safford, AZ), Village’s Amphitheatre (Atlanta, GA), The Hangar (Buchanan, GA), The CCC (Lawrenceville, GA), Tiffany's Place (North Wilkesboro, NC), The Attic (Hot Springs, AK), Curtain Club (Dallas, TX), Parish Room (Austin, TX), Momo’s (Austin, TX), The Warhol (San Antonio, TX), The Aardvark (Fort Worth, TX), The Rutledge (Nashville, TN), Five Spot (Nashville, TN), The Warehouse (Clarksville, TN), Cruisin’ Route 66 (St. Louis, MO), Cicero’s (St. Louis, MO), El Torreon Ballroom (Kansas City, MO), Harlequin Alley (Shreveport, LA), Marlene’s Place (New Orleans, LA), Whiskey Lounge (Grand Rapids, MI), Unity Center (Roswell, NM), Code Red Cafe (Las Cruces, NM), The Next Level (La Porte, IN), Bean Counter's Coffee House (Highland, IN), The Rooftop (Franklin, IN), The Launching Pad (Muncie, IN), Boney June’s (Evansville, IN), Escape Zone Teen Center (Mount Vernon, OH), Hi Fi (Cleveland, OH) Nino’s (Columbus, OH), W.O. Wrights (Dayton, OH), The Pearl (Dayton, OH), The Underground (Fairfield, OH), The Triangle (Greenville, OH) The Bulldog Café (Louisville, KY) Bluefield College (West Virginia), Oneonta Univ. (New York), Dale's Weston Lanes (Wausau, WI), The Mad Hatter (Covington, KY), The Madison Theater (Covington, KY), The Brick House (Louisville, KY) Bogart’s (Cincinnati), Top Cat’s (Cincinnati), The Poison Ro


The Last Time

Written By: The Flight Station

Save yourself from a broken heart
Take a step back and give me some space.
Don’t waste your time waiting on me
I made up my mind to remain alone

This is the last time I give a shot at walking away from you
These steps are bigger than I thought
I’m taking off, so don’t you follow me when I am gone
Don’t you worry I’ll come back for you.

I’m not ready to settle here
There’s much more I haven’t even seen yet
So dry your eyes I won’t be alone
Wherever you go I will find you.


Its alright, it’s alright I’ll return
I’ll find you, I’ll find you a year from now
And when I do I’ll make it up to you
But will you wait? Wait for me, wait for me, for me?



Written By: The Flight Station

we have no curse words in our lyrics and our songs are radio friendly.


The Falling Star Ep
Producers: Dwight Baker (produced the likes of Kelly Clarkson) and Teddy Roberson
Release date: July 15th, 2006

Escaping Ourselves EP
Producer: Ted Roberson and The Flight Station
Release date: August 16th, 2008

Set List

Stay With Me Tonight
Memories In The Sky
Don't Stay
Last Year's Difference
Days Left Behind
The Last Time
Just The Beginning
The Perfect Moment
Patiently Waiting
Mind Games
Searching For Me

Over 6 hours of cover material we can pull out if neccessary ranging anywhere from Coldplay and Incubus to the Everly Brothers and Elvis.