The Floating Opera Orchestra

The Floating Opera Orchestra


An instrumental ensemble steeped in Jazz, who disappear at night to Eastern European Cabaret clubs, then to Bluegrass honkytonks, and end up lost in a 1930's New Orleans funeral parade.


We've been called a Tom Waits instrumental band; a weird mix of Texana and Croatian folk; Charles Mingus' redheaded ragtime step-child; second-line meets Thelonious Monk's younger brother, Bob Wills.


Four full length albums:

Ginseng: A Soundtrack (2007)
La Ciudad de Fort Worth (2007)
A Bentel Brief (2008)
Rosemary Elephant (2009)

All albums are available to sample on itunes and

Set List

Sets are usually an hour, but when given the time we have plenty of material for double hour-long sets.
All originals - occasionally an obscure cover song may pop up.