The Fluffs

The Fluffs

 Diamond Bar, California, USA


Ladies and Gentlemen.

Your ATTENTION please.

Put your hands together for THE FLUFFS.

The Fluffs have always been a passionate mix of three members, Blake Eaton, Rick Dragan and Casey Kernohan.

On January 16th, 2010, they became whole, and were reborn with the addition of bassist, Omar Zeitoun.

This relentless and exceptionally musical rock band began playing everywhere possible in a town with little interest in art.

From the dramatic, passionate vocals to the unforgettable, imaginative delivery of each song, it's impossible to not realize that this band defines itself.

With their newest and forever genuine demo just released, they are taking everything within sight by storm, no matter when or where.


Demo (2010)
Live From The Middle of Nowhere (2010)