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On the calendar, summer’s coming to a close. Kids across the country are going back to school, Fall’s creeping around the corner, and it’s generally less acceptable to walk the streets in sunglasses, sandals, and shorts. You know what? It’s still hot and happy somewhere, so why not celebrate with a song that make a nice soundtrack for those still stuck in summer?

Cohesively combining a few different styles, The Flux’s “Catalina Wine Mixer” sounds like what would happen if college rap decided to grow up as a genre but still liked to get drunk. Maybe the hangovers are a little heavier now, but thanks to the group’s emcee Feekee, the rapping is better. Check out “Catalina Wine Mixer” below. - Pigeons & Planes

"The Flux – Catalina Wine Mixer (Video)"

The Flux completely ignore nature’s signs that Summer will soon be ending by releasing some warm-weather music in “Catalina Wine Mixer,” a saying made famous from the movie ‘Step Brothers’. The group is comprised of St. Louis emcee Feekee, indie rocker Tombot 5000, R&B singer Sum Difference, and Rudeluv on the production end, who have combined forces in order to blend together elements of hip-hop, alternative rock and electro-soul. This is genre-blending at its finest.

Download a couple tracks from The Flux’ upcoming “Whiskeyland” album here. The password is Catalina. - Break On A Cloud


Well… a chic is bring’n y’all #DaJuice on Cali’s finest… “THE FLUX!” This group is like “rap Jesus with guitars & stuff!! They are the FLUX Capacitor…. & they will melt your f**k’n face off!!!” lol… bring’n some unique flava to the industry… setting a standard uneasily captured by any competitors in their league! Listening to their sound… while grasping the meaning & memorizing the lyrics… I tried hard to associate their sound to any well-known artists in the industry… but I was unable … as the sound of “THE FLUX” is just that distinctive! While their style is out of the ordinary… I’ve always been one to recognize & appreciate originality! “THE FLUX” is just that… the epitome of original!!! I laid back… & closed my eyes while tuning in to one of their hits “SILENT GIRL”… words like innovative came to mind… as I slipped into the zone… trying to figure out if I would be considered a “SILENT GIRL” & I quickly decided… it just depends on the mood as well as the situation I’m in! …. I can be considered many things BUT silent isn’t usually one of them! However… According to my own perception… silent girl falls into the sneaky category… soft-spoken… manipulative… yet seductive… & as far as “SEDUCTIVE”… I can surely fit that description when the time is right #LUNARLOVE!> Why don’t y’all check it out & give your own insight? Is that how y’all interpret this tune? This is just another attribute about “THE FLUX” that I love… their music causes your brain to throb from excessive thinking… as their songs seem to have several meanings… that respectably cater to multiple concepts or mindsets! Only those classified as musical genius can combine words that make sense in more than one way… words that make you wanna listen & recite them over & over again… while you struggle to make sense out of what sounds logically correct already! You know… sometimes it gets a little boring when you keep hearing the same type music… over a similar type beat… with the only major difference being the actual artist! For those of you who can’t relate… let me get on ya level… Sometimes it gets difficult to bang-out wit the same damn chic… every damn day… while you think about another “AT THE SAME DAMN TIME!” LOL … with the only difference being her undergarments… right? Lol Well… I’m sure you get my point! So… it’s time to stop pump’n to the same ole beatz… time to start pounding away to a different anthem! #DaJuice has found new love in the WEST COAST… which allows the EAST COAST & WEST COAST to swap spit… ya feel me?? Lol… Everyone is down for somethin’ strange for a change! So let’s start here! There are a few different songs that will show you just how diverse this group is! Check out the links below …hit them likes… comment… & share! Follow “THE FLUX” on twitter… share your views… & stay tuned for an exclusive interview where I will dig deep into the mindz of each of “THE FLUX” members… SUM DIFFERENCE, RUDELOVE CHANEY, FEEKEE FLUX, & TOMMY MILLER… which will give you some insight on their whole thought process… interpret the meanings of their music from a creators standpoint, & provide some background as to who they are & just what we can expect now as well as in the future! Y’all know how we do at #DaJuice… Welcome “THE FLUX” to the family… & the rest is history! …. – enter promo code – CATALINA
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Feekee and the Flux Capacitor - Mixtape (2009)
"My Friends" - Single (2009)
Whiskeyland - LP (2012)
"Catalina Wine Mixer" - Single (2012)



The Flux's debut album "Whiskeyland" is a snapshot into a world that molded their very personal and passionate brand of experimental hip hop. Their first single, “Catalina Wine Mixer” (complete with video), is an organic blend of indie rock, rap, and drum and bass. Recorded in the producer’s bedroom, the album is driven by the tragic death of one of their own. Formed in 2009 by St. Louis native turned LA transplant rapper Wafeek aka Feekee, the collective started out as a jam band, releasing their first mixtape in conjunction with the hip hop blog, The Smoking Section. They soon found themselves playing for thousands of college kids at UCLA's Dance Marathon and holding several residencies in Orange County, Long Beach, and Santa Barbara. After the death of Feekee's girlfriend, Jessica Hoke, the group decided to take things more seriously and embarked on a journey to make something worthy of her memory. "Whiskeyland" is an introduction to their post-genre perspective of making music. It's goal is to create a world without pain, and pull something positive out of tragedy.
Feekee, a rapper influenced by the likes of Nas and the Notorious B.I.G., is the lead vocalist. Tombot 5000 is an Indie Rock vocalist and lead guitarist. Sum Difference is a multifaceted artist, with a soulful R&B voice, dexterous rap flow, and experimental production skills. The quartet is polished and perfected by Rudeluv, the main producer of the project as well as the band’s percussionist. Creating an authentic blend of hip-hop and alternative rock with a touch of electro-soul, The Flux is carving out their own niche in today’s ever changing world.

Listen to life without limits. Keep Fluxin’.