The Flux Capacitors

The Flux Capacitors


The Capacitors perhaps don’t reinvent the Surf music wheel they certainly have deflated all of the air painted some avant ornamentation on it and refilled it with laughing gas. If Sonic Youth would have been inspired by Dick Dale instead of Glen Branca, this is what they would have sounded like.


Greatly influenced by Dick Dale and Man Or Astro-man?, The Flux Capacitors also have adopted the noise rock tendencies of groups such as Sonic Youth. Breaking into the Cincinnati scene in late 2006, The Flux Capacitors have continued to expand their fan-base and exposure by frequently playing well attended gigs throughout Greater Cincinnati. The release of their first LP, John Q. Brains-For-Arms, was met with a rave review from Cincinnati City Beat's music editor, Mike Breen, and an extremely successful release party in the legendary Southgate House Ballroom.


LP: John Q. Brains-For-Arms

Radio airplay on,
on 88.9 FM, Future Class X Radio Cincinnati,
on of Athens, OH

In Studio set also performed on Future Class X Radio 88.9 FM.

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