The Flying Graysons

The Flying Graysons


The Flying Graysons formed as a brotherhood of talent in southern Indiana. Growing as a band and as individuals, The Flying Graysons hope soon to reach the hearts and ears of many people around the world. We do this for everyone including ourselves. And we are not about to give up!


The Flying Graysons Banded in December of 2005. Gaining confidence we proceeded to playing many clubs, churches, and festivals in southern Indiana and northern Kentucky throughout the Spring and Summer of 2006. Including the Love of God CORNSTOCK festival in August of 2006 in Trafalgar Indiana. We never really musically got into the scene around the area. We chose to go with our own sound, reinventing the underground scene. We play at a lot of metal and hardcore venues. Fans describe it as a refreshing alternative to the metal and hardcore genres in the area. And that is what we choose to stick with.


We are Currently in the Studio recording out debut album. Soon to be released in late winter of 2007.

Set List

Our main set list various throughout our wide variety of originals:::
...And With A Flower
The Fix
Can You?
BillBoard Lights
Tempting the Storm
Public Service Announcement
Sunshine Daydream