The Flying Hippo Project

The Flying Hippo Project


The Flying Hippo Project fuses music like gumbo. Drawing from the souls of the world's music, with an emphasis on song writing. At any moment you hear influences of Delta Blues, Soul, Rock, Roots, Jazz, and the melodies of the far east. You take all of this, stuff it in a pot and thats the music.


“The Flying Hippo Project” is an ever evolving project by musician Johnny Burroughs. In this venture, he pulls music from many parts of the world, walking the streets of several musical styles including: soul, roots, delta blues, jazz, rock, Chinese traditional and samba.

He builds his unique sonic postcards by fusing influences from such eclectic artists as The Beatles, Ray Charles, John Lee Hooker, Cold War Kids, The Beach Boys, Sting, Led Zepplin, Stevie Wonder and many others new and old.

Born and raised in Colorado as a child of a musical family, including his mother who toured with Sam Phillips and father, an accomplished guitar player and composer of many songs, he has grown up with music influencing his entire life. Mixing The California Raisins, in with Power Rangers and TMNT toys, Johnny was exposed,as a child, to such soul artists as The Temptations, James Brown, Stevie Wonder, Bill Whithers, Little Richard and many others every time he popped in his Raisins cassette and got lost in the sonic waves. That music, which he was exposed to so early, has stuck with him his entire life, and is now being released in a unique way.

In true blues fashion, Johnny got his start in music in the church. Picking up the bass at age 12 and guitar at 15. All to fill various roles the church needed filled. Falling in love with the passionate music of the church, but wanting to expand the musicality of the songs; Burroughs in High School began to branch out and discover what the world had to offer musically and write his own to add to it.

Since then he has toured all over Colorado with the Band 'Ellegoria' (for which he played Guitar, Keys, Djembe and Sang Lead). He has played with such local big names as: 'The Epilougues', 'Tickle Me Pink', 'The Photo Atlas' and 'Jonathon Stark'.

So after living in Thailand and touring with a band, Burroughs has settled in to the music he wants to bring to the the world. In all of it's complexity, genre jumping, time warping, and melody. People listening and watching The Flying Hippo Live have said: "I can see the pictures of where I'll listen to each song in life." "I love the rhythm and catchy melodies of the songs." Venue owners have also chimed in: "A perfect change to the monotony I hear every night." Annie of Higher Grounds, "What you do... I wouldn't change." Jonathon Bitz of the Meadowlark and Denver Syntax. Though the compliment Burroughs here's the most after a show is' "You're so... different." and it's the one he loves the most.

Burroughs is currently touring in Colorado and the U.S. in support of his self produced E.P., “Wandering Music”. It is the first of many records from Johnny Burroughs and The Flying Hippo Project. When asked about music, Burroughs had this to say, "Music is life to me. It's like taking a breath every time I get to experience it. I only hope to spread the joy music has given me to all that will listen."


Songs From the Floor E.P. 2007
Independent Release
Wandering Music E.P. 2009
Independent Release

Set List

The Set Lists are ever evolving, in time and content. An example would be:
Delta Call
New Life
Ony Want you
Moonless Sky
Come Together(Cover)
What I Want
Also mixed in are more originals an covers from such artists as:
Stevie Wonder, U2, Michael Jackson, Son House, Ray Charles, The Beach Boys,
Justin Timberlake, The Temptations, Led Zepplin, and Many many more.