The Flying Rickshaw

The Flying Rickshaw


This 6 piece creates original music that makes you move to their driving, yet eccentric melodies and rhythmic variation, all wrapped up in a modern rock package. The Rickshaw's four part harmonies and instrumental arrangements fuse everything from jazz, to funk, to new realms of Rock n Roll.


*(Hint: Read to the end of the Bio to get some Random Rickshaw trivia)
The Flying Rickshaw's goal has always been to create what was once the standard for all successful rock bands: great performances and great original music. We're not trying to sell the most t-shirts to 14 year old girls, we're trying to give people a real musical experience.
To that end, the Rickshaw will try any musical idea and have written songs about everything from the spoils of the top 5% of America, to the Girls Gone Wild commercials, to sending a nuclear bomb into Jupiter to "nuke us all a new sun". As long as it sounds good, and unlike anyone else we'll try it.
The Rickshaw completed many goals in 2007, including a victory in our second battle of the bands, in as many entries, as the winner of the 2007 PBR Band of the Year competition. The first win gave us our first high profile show, opening in front of thousands at the Missoula Adams center for Styx. Winning a second time has given us a little more local clout and just the springboard we needed to help with our June '07 CD release party for our debut, self-titled album. We broke out on the road in 2007, as well, gaining new fans in Idaho and throughout Montana.
The end of '07 has brought the beginnning of our exodus to Portland, OR. We hope to expand our west coast horizons as we complete the move.
We enjoyed the rock competition, but mostly what we like to do is throw a barrage of our new form of Rock'n Roll in your face. Watch closely, The Rickshaw is landing.

**(Trivia) "White Bread and the Tall Boys" was once considered for the name of the band.


Debut, self titled album just released February 2007 getting local radio airplay on The Trail 103.3 FM

Set List

Though dedicated to original music, a typical Rickshaw set also pays tribute to influences ranging from nostalgic classics like The Beatles and Led Zepplin to comtemporaries like Cake, The Red Hot Chilli Peppers and Guns N Roses.