The F'n A-holes

The F'n A-holes


Take some good old backwoods rockabilly, add a healthy dose of honky-tonk, toss in a pinch of snotty punk rock, marinate in whiskey for several years, sear over high heat, and you have the F'n A-holes.


What can be said about The F'n A-Holes that hasn't already been said in Circuit Court? These Dixie rockers out of South Alabama have been taking their show through the southeast since 2005, and their live shows have become legendary among those who live to tell the tale. The A-holes have created their unique, muscular sound by mixing high-octane rockabilly, honky tonk, and garage rock with a little heavy metal swagger and a wry sense of humor. One song may be an intensely driven commentary on life as a working-class rocker, only to be followed by a walking ballad reminiscent of the rebellious days of classic country. Drawing from influences such as The Cramps, Reverend Horton Heat, and Nine Pound Hammer, the concept was first conceived after the band members lost interest in the music they were playing.
“The A-holes came about after out last band (Mr. Bennett) went belly-up,” says Fuckstick. “That band was well received critically, but we felt it was too all over the place to go on any longer. We decided to cut out the fat and go for a harder, more quick-and-dirty approach.” They began composing new material and rehearsing in the badlands of Baldwin County until they were ready for the road. They made quick work of recruiting new fans in the southeast and well into Texas, moving quickly from small local gigs to slots sharing the stage with such acts as Unknown Hinson and Southern Culture on the Skids. In 2008, they were invited to perform at the 8th annual Heavy Rebel Weekender, one of the top underground rock ‘n roll festivals in the southeast, where they promptly sold out every bit of merch they brought with them.
In 2007, they put out their first self-recorded EP, entitled “Toxic” on Balljoint Records. This was followed in 2008 by their first full-scale CD, “Aces and A-holes.” After a much needed break in the first half of 2009, they are currently gigging and working on their next release.
“It’s a lot of work,” Fuckstick says. “When you’re an indie act, it all falls on your shoulders. Writing, production, booking, merch—everything.” He grins. “But it’s worth it, because when something goes well, you take a lot of pride. And when something goes wrong, you know who did that, too.”
2010 looks promising for the A-holes. They are kicking off the year with a tour up the coast to the Carolinas, where they’re slated to play at ElvisFest, another major event in the region. There, they will join an army of like-minded musicians for two days of whiskey-soaked rock ‘n roll hedonism. Across the southeast and beyond, the F’n A-holes will continue to build their fan base with their purified rock and roll sound, steeped deeply in the sweet Southern goodness that has shaped each member’s life.


2007: Toxic
2008: Aces & A-holes

We have several tracks that have been featured on such podcasts as Saturday Night Aggro, The Awful Show, and Radio Free Bakersfield, where Joey has a semi-regular guest spot.

Set List

We can do an hour of original material. We try to stay away from the covers, but if we have to, we can do a set of retro 50s and 60s rockabilly and garage covers.