The Foghorns

The Foghorns


Mavericks of anti-folk-- we've been injecting intelligence and chopping up songs for almost a decade, across the US and Europe. We don't hide our influences: John Prine, Velvet Underground, Violent Femmes, but we tread new ground, too. With every show.


For coming up on a decade, The Foghorns have been presenting their brand of folk blended with punk-- playing the streets of Reykjavik Iceland with an acoustic, a bucket and an overcoat, the clubs of Brooklyn with bluegrass backup, the rowdy bars of the Midwest with a screeching hollowbody.

Finally settling in Seattle in 2008, the band found a new identity when vocalist Katie Quigley and guitarist and organist Rich Quigley of Blue, Pig signed on.

With the new lineup, The Foghorns released their fifth CD on Wisconsin-based label Beefy Beef Records.

The band tours the US with its full American and Icelandic lineup: Bart Cameron, Katie Quigley, Rich Quigley, Kristjan Oli Petursson, Bara Sigurjonsdottir.

In Europe, Bart Cameron and Katie Quigley perform as a duo, with help from guest musicians.

The blog World's Biggest Corporation once wrote the following paragraph about The Foghorns: “In the middle of some frozen nowhere, a man is warming up his poor raggedy ass in a cabin, sipping whiskey and dreaming of home. He'd probably feel a lot better if he could hear The Foghorns... Wisconsin native Bart Cameron and his Icelandic pals play bluesy, folky tunes that make reliable companions in the middle of this shitball winter. It's the kind of music that tired people play best..."

It's out of date now, but we're still happy with that description.


A Diamond as Big as the Motel 6, 2009. (Single "Old Bachelors in Cleveland" featured on KEXP's Song of the Day, and Music That Matters podcasts.)

Hello, This is Rory (EP) 2009.
Live recording of streaming concert on

Willa Cather Way (EP) 2008.
Live recordings. (Single "Uncle Ethan Live at Homer's Music, Omaha" featured on podcast.)

Olympus, 2006.

New Low, Studio and Live, 2006.

So Sober, 2004.

Gone Upstairs, 2003.

Beef For Everyone, 2002.

Set List

Typical set list:
Old Bachelors in Cleveland
Sleepy Waltz
North Dakota
80 Proof
I Been Loving You Too Long (cover of Otis Redding, gone country)
Babylon Revisited
Brooklyn Bridge
Get Out the Shovel
Monkey Song
Wake Up
Old Blue Moon