The Folksoul Band

The Folksoul Band

 Greenfield, New Hampshire, USA

We are creating new music from old traditions, combining horns, vocals, wild rhythms, and New Orleans Mardi Gras spirit to create music for celebration and dancing.
We are a seven piece group, but can also work in smaller ensembles where necessary.


The Folksoul band was formed by mixing two bands: Tattoo, a long-lived band that opened for The Grateful Dead in Oregon in the 1980's and partied with The Merry Pranksters, and the new group Lunatic Fringe (view EPK on Sonicbids). They''ve combined to create a joyful combination of New Orleans-based roots dance music--Now presenting themselves for the first time on Sonicbids.
It's a group of musicians that love to play together, playing American roots music that gets folks dancing--drawing from Mardi Gras dance music, the Wild Tchapitoulas, Fats Domino, and their own originals. The Folksoul Band uses a unique collection of acoustic instruments, mixing the brass of a New Orleans street band, with the folk sounds of guitar and accordian. Add the African balafon and percussion, and you create a wondrous mix of sounds, on top of which is added some stellar vocalists.
Adding new impulses to old traditions, The Folksoul Band brings new life to roots music.
Coming from the beautiful Monadnock Region of southern New Hampshire.


'Somethin' to Say on Mardi Gras Day', Live at Nelson Town Hall.

Set List

A typical set will include some well known tunes such as: 'Standing on Shaky Ground', 'Hound Dog', 'Baby I Love You', 'Tell me Something Good', and 'Lady Marmalade'. We do roots material like the Cajun Tunes 'Co-Fa', and 'You're no Good for Me', 'People Get Ready', 'Mardi Gras New Orleans', Mississippi Queen', 'Hello Josephine' and Bo Weevil ,by Fats Domino and 'Saints Go Marching In'. We also have some great originals such as 'Dance Dance Dance', 'Down There', 'Lift my Skirt', How's Your Meatball?, and 'Two Truths and a Lie'. We mix them together, usually half the songs will be familiar, a fourth will be original, with an occasional slow tune mixed in--we keep it moving and changing.

We usually play two to three twelve song sets and often include a percussion jam towards the end. CD is a good example of a set.