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"Drop-D review"

EP Review: The Fontanels – We Are The Fontanels

by Paddy Murphy

"Two brothers, two lovers and a man-machine" read the press release for The Fontanels, it could have been a great name for their debut EP but instead they chose on the introductory title of "We are the Fontanels".

Track one As for Love's funk style bass line could sit happily on any old Chili Peppers album, with funk guitars supporting it. Shades of Issac Hayes are pretty distinct too, well they kind of rob directly from him, but who better to steal from.

Givin' it Away, track numero dos, sees the band in flying form with singer Ciaran Wynne rapping a la Anthony Kiedis and fellow Wynne brother Gavin blasting out some old skool funk riffs and rhythms to match his kinsman's lyrical mastery.

We are the Fontanels was mostly recorded in sitting-rooms, kitchens and a Lockup Studio in hometown Dundalk but almost never came into being. When the band were doing the mixing the computer they used packed it in and they lost everything having to start again with only a week of studio time left.

Love will Set the Sun could be a piece of pure summer pop if it were to get some eagerly wanted radio play backing singer Shalom Coburn adds a vital female touch to the lyrics with angel-like harmonies.

Laughter in the Morning is a far slower song, to anything previous, this-is-for-the-ladies-out-there, kind of thing, but builds steadily up to the guitar solo with harmonies that you can only fall in love with.

Final song Sweet Soul Kiss has some wired keys at the start accompanied with some funked guitar lines and more of Ciaran's lyrical spazz. Republic of Loose should listen closely; this is the song that they'll be wishing they had written first and with The Fontanels they should be looking over their shoulders. -


2007- Demos
2008- Debut EP, "We are The Fontanels"
Late 2008, expected Second EP..



Welcome to our little space on d'interweb!!! We are The Fontanels. First of all, thank you for stopping by. It's lovely to know that such handsome people with sweet, ripped bodies are looking at you....nice...Secondly, let us tell you a little about the band known as: The Fontanels. We were born and bred in that great, garrison town of Dundalk- as some locals say: "A place on the map, a place in the mind". It's moulded and cast us to who we are. Happily, the music scene in Dundalk is starting to come out of it's shell these days and, currently, there are quite a few bands throwing shapes and making moves. Evil Harrisons, Jinx Lennon, The Tramps, Artificial Flight, Blind Pilots, Open Door Policy but to name a few (there's loads more!).. Check em out!!! If you are looking for originality, it's all there. It was this imbroglio of influences from all around that set our sound in motion. We are influenced by Jelly-Legged Rock, Frenzied Fervorous Funk, Face-Melting Jazz, Face-Melting Soul, Post-Punk, Psychedelia, Harmony-Laden Pop and just about anything else we can get our hands dirty with!! We've been playing our tight little buns off in Dublin recently and have just put the finishing touches to our debut EP, "We are The Fontanels". Now, I guess it's back into the saddle again and out on the road to bring the love..

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